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After our announcement last week about the launch of, we've been busy working on a ton of new features to the gateway processor.

And we wanted to keep you guys updated with everything we've been working on, and let you know about our plans going forward over the next few weeks as well.

First up, thank you to EVERYONE to supported the launch of, we have had some incredible support and the gateway will be added to some very popular Hive applications...Very shortly :)

Let's dive into the news:

Multiple Items Added To Checkout

We've added the ability for merchants to add multiple items on their check out carts. This is needed for site owners to maximize sales and cater to as many products / services that their customers would like to add before payment.

WooCommerce Plug-In

This is only a few days away, and should be completed within the week. If not, it'll be added VERY soon. This allows HivePay to get added to the WordPress eco-system and HivePay to tap into millions upon millions of eCommerce websites.

Shopify Plug-In

This is our next priority and we have begun work on it. Once this plug in is ready to rock, we believe it opens Hive and the entire Hive-Engine ecosystem to the world like never before.

Buy Now Buttons Coming Very Soon

We tried to get these designed ourselves and well...Let's be honest, a buy now button should look AWESOME. We hired a company to design them for HivePay and will get them added to the Developers page on in the next few days.

Email Notifications Fixed

We fixed the email notification issue so now you get notices every time you make a sale with HivePay.

We think the receipts look pretty good :)


Now Comes The Fun Part

Awareness is key, so over the next few weeks as development continues, we'll be promoting HivePay everywhere we can.

A lot of people are excited about this new platform on hive, but it's time to get more people looking AT Hive now!

A large chunk of our customer base knows nothing about the blockchain and we've been working to help onboard as many entrepreneurs as well can over the years to Hive.

We feel is the perfect tool to help us do that :)

Also, would love to touch base with some of the tribes out there in the Hive-Engine eco-system. HivePay just added big use case to every tribe on Engine so we think this would be a fantastic opportunity to see what we can all build together.

Reach out to us if you are interested in integrating HivePay with your tribe and community / business!


Help Us Build The Future!

Be sure to swing by our Discord server to get your questions answered, help in development, or suggest features you'd love to see with HivePay!

We'd love to hear from you!

Join the HivePay Discord Here!

Once again, thank you all so much for the amazing support so far...We can't wait to see everyone adopt and start using HivePay for all their payment needs on the blockchain :)



HivePay has a massive potential Jon! It can be a game-changer for Hive, because it brings ease of use and will target huge eCommerce audiences as well (wooCommerce, Shopify).

Yessir, hope it opens us up to so much more.

Time to brag about the crypto side of things here, and show how much use case it can truly have!

@thelogicaldude maybe for the Weedcash store?

That would be awesome!

What is great about this is that it is a tool that every marketplace that is created on Hive can instantly tap into.

This is the progress we are making. In the past, developers had to build everything on their platform. Now, they can simply implement Hivepay.

I look forward to the outreach program. It should be interesting to see what sites you will get interested.

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Thank you sir, appreciate the comments.

We were blown away with the support from some major players so far, excited to see their belief in this project :)

The transition to marketplaces is sorely needed throughout crypto, especially on Hive.

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That is really an awesome project ! Here is what I wanted since the first day I came to Hive !

I'll follow that project !

For the moment being obligated to transfer Hive to trade them to buy fiat and transfer them to a bank account to buy something really discourages me, but now being able to pay directly with HIVE or any Hive engine Tokens would totally change that !

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Yeah we hope it opens a lot of doors for everyone, both on the merchant side of things...But also the Hive user...We still believe this crypto is one of the best out there, there are so many benefits to actually using Hive for our day to day transactions.

What you mentioned is a vital step in the progress of cryptocurrency. Ease of use is something that is lacking.

Removing the steps that you mentioned if crucial to any type of adoption on a large scale.

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It is simply this type of development that will take HIVE to the next level. Thank you very much for your work and to all who collaborate with you.

Thanks very much for the comments!

Appreciate that, we're hoping it's a big win for the blockchain!

So it will be brother! With these use cases, the demand will be greater with a positive impact on the blockchain.

That is an amazing advancement. Wow, this could really help get Hive prices moving up. It is an amazing technology.

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Hope so :)

Using this stuff everyday and attracting entrepreneurs that WANT to accept Hive and it's related tokens is big in our opinion!

It should help with the building on Hive.

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Looking forward to Hivepay. Will be adding to all of my sites when ready. Thanks for the updates.

Awesome stuff man, yeah it's ready to go now...Just not 100% copy and paste ready...But you can play with the code and get it added :)

I will wait until its fully available. I'm not very code with playing around with code.

I'm really happy to see all these new projects and developments on Hive. It feels like we're really moving forward even though Hive is a new blockchain, not counting the Steem period as that wasn't the same. Thanks for working hard to bring us new things.

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Absolutely...It's great to see everyone still crushing it here and moving forward. I think 2021 is going to be very exciting for Hive!

Amazing work Jon and Blain, I think this might be the killer dapp that Hive has been looking for all along, I know that I wanted this from the very start and even made a post about it like 1.5 years ago or something, keep up the great work.

Crossing fingers for sure...Just wanna see more businesses and users actually...Using this stuff :)

Awesome efforts you've put in here to build Hivepay to make merchandise with Hive and Hive tokens easier. You have my support.

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Appreciate that sir, thank you. We've got so many cool things coming for HivePay. Just need to control our excitement and do this properly and roll it out right!

Imagine you could buy things with your curation rewards! You don't have to imagine it anymore because soon it will be a reality!

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Yup :)

That's the goal for sure...Using all these amazing tokens we are earning here!

Thanks for your great work. I can't wait to try my first purchases with this tool.
Also, huge benefit for all Dapps that are currently running on Hive.

Thanks very much for the comments :)

Yeah we think it adds big time use case for everyone across the board. These tribes with their tokens can get a nice little boost from this :)_

HivePay has a massive potential

Thanks man, appreciate the comments and the amazing support!

Amazing! This is a wonderful project I congratulate you @jongolson and your team.

It's nice to have something like this.

My wife (@grisvisa) and I have the idea of creating an online shop in the near future to sell her illustrations and other type of products. She is going to love this option.

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Thanks man, appreciate that very much!

That's the target market for sure...People that can sell to and plug right into the Hive eco-system. We feel that helps the blockchain and adoption across the board :)

Looking good on the progress!
WooCommerce is already good, but I think Shopify will be the big one in terms of how much that is used. If we're looking at eCommerce frameworks, a Magento plugin would also be something to put on the list I think.

Absolutely. That's the big goal...Shopify is what most seem to want. We're on it :)

Brilliant @jongolson game changer for sure wishing this project tons of succuss will definitely be using it in the near future have the best one bro

Thank you sir, we need to get those affiliate marketer types excited for this too ;)

Agreed @jongolson bro, once people start incorporating it into their websites it will happen mate, within the nest couple of weeks i will be set up properly mate and will be shinning lights on all this as well.

Thanks for this awesome tool. Indeed, CTP is another value adding community on Hive blockchain. Thanks for this payment solution. I hope there are plans to set up a sample site that integrates this so users can get to see how it works in real time. Or, you just add a product market page on


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Yeah for sure. Our goal is to eventually have this 'copy and paste' simple.

Still working on that, but that's our vision. So anyone can add it without any technical knowledge to their websites and blogs to accept Hive / H-E tokens.

That's amazing to hear.

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We are definitely interested in the woocommerce roll out. Great work guys!

Awesome to hear :) Yup, should be very soon!

Would it be possible to have the hive pay site eventually list each supported asset and then sites that support it

Like lets say I am earning sports, I can go to your site and see all the vendors accepting sports?

Oh I'm sure we'll create a directory and feature merchants that offer Hivepay for their viewers / customers down the road :)

Oh I LOVE those kind of news!! @tipu curate !invest_vote

Thank you very much, that is appreciated!!

Thanks for updating it.

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Thanks for the comment and for joining the HivePay community in Discord :)

This is some really great updates already.

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Thanks Lisa...Trying to stay busy :)

You're welcome, Jon! Enjoy your weekend. 😀

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Hiveshopping still doesn't sound as good as Fireshopping lol but there is a lot of Fire in this project!
And I'm sure it will continue to spread!
You all are doing an amazing job and excited to see this growing!

Swarm Shoppin'!!!!!

ahaha why I didn't think of that???
Well played sir!
Swarmshopping let's gooo!!!!

You know how to get me excited :)

ha ha ha ha ha ha we do our best!

Great work and my sites will sure support it😀

Awesome to hear that Elizabeta, thank you for your support!


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This Update is awesome sauce

Indeedy :)

Yes I am interested. I am not going to discord tho. so i guess I can not reach out ..