The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Sharing Secrets...

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Another week, another Road to 10k ;)

Last week didn't have a lot of comments at all...So we decided to spice things up a little bit this week.

And the only way you'll find out what we did is.....To watch the video ;)

I hope you enjoy it LOL

Our Token:

Our Miner:

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Passion's really important to smash through those walls and roadblocks. And when you can get paid well for doing something you'd do for free anyway, then life's sweet.

For sure...And I think that's the best part about diving into this blockchain and community :)

Your voice is echoing a bit this time around so you might want to check your settings for next time.

Showing up everyday to fill you bags is great and I plan to make a few more posts this month. I have been doing fairly well on the commenting end and I think I can bring some of the comments into a post. I feel like you make the passion for doing all of this a little too easy.

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Urgh it's this silly Blue Yeti.

For some reason it's just gone down hill this week. I'll have to double check it.

I hope it gets fixed and thanks for the gift.

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THanks for this video, I believe there is some issues with the sound as it seems very weird on my side.

I know how to get to 10k CTP !

You just either give me a few thousands CTP M or upvote me at 100% on every post haha !

Cheers and keep grinding mate !

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Appreciate the comments! Great to have you in the Swarm!

Yeah that's my fault about the sound...My microphone basically died this week.

Don't know if it was just me but the video seemed to playback really awkwardly? Like it kept chopping everywhere?

Anyway, thanks for the mention! Turns out that tellytubby tweet was an April Fools joke but they were raising money for charity - looks like they were using the passion from the BTC community to raise awareness so pretty clever! Hope they do tweet more about BTC though haha!

My CTP stake has grown tonnes in the last few weeks and I'm just over the 3,500 mark! 10k by the end of the year is my aim.

Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing your new UI 💪

My mic died...And I thought I was recording from the desktop mic but looks like it was still coming through the broken mic.


Your voice echoes a lot during the video, stopped watching after 2 minutes as I found it extremely irritating and hard to follow. Now I'll never learn about the secret :-(

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Apologies about that man, I'll send ya the 'secret' though...Sorry about the recording

No worries, it's bound to happen from time to time ;-)

I tried to watch the video but there was a bad echo. Was that just me or was it in the video? Just curious!

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100000% my fault. My mic died and I forgot to switch it over.

Ah, no biggie. It was just something I noticed.

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I think that it's a great idea to create some interactivity on videos or posts. We have tried to do it for Liotes by creating missions that rewards people taking part. The results for the moment are simply amazing. You see how people like to share their Passion ;-).

Yeah we did this like 2 years ago on the Noob Night podcasts and had fun with it. Thought it would be cool to bring it back!

I've been showing up almost every day ( with very few exceptions if any) on hive and leo for almost 3 months now and it shows. It's not always easy but it pays off :)

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It really does start to add up!

Nice timing with the "show up every day" comment as this is my 21st day on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey, and that's the theme of the day, LOL!

The 3Steps has done a lot to increase the #passion for taking action, creating content and engaging with the community and beyond. And, as @RobWillmann has noted, it also results in increased CTPT earnings as more content is put out and more content curation takes place.

If anybody who's on the #roadto10kCTP is reading this, think about getting started with #3StepsNoExcuses as it will speed up your progress towards the 10k CTPT target.

Thanks for everything, @jongolson !

Absolutely, that's the goal of this weekly feature for sure....TO help people grow and help them get more from their time on the blockchain!

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