The Road To 10k CTP - A Tribute To Rob 'Cruisin' Paris

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We lost a giant in the CTP Tribe recently!

Our top whale, and biggest supporter @cruisin passed away.

For those that knew him, he was a massive fan of what we were building on the blockchain and I'm going to miss him a ton. Those late night Discord chats will never be the same :(

His death, sadly, was not unexpected as he knew his time was coming to an end. I'm grateful that we got to talk quite a bit before he passed and happy to know he's no longer in pain.

Here's a little tribute I made for Rob, and a message he wanted the entire CTP Tribe to know about when he passed away.

A legend until the end and our favorite CTP whale forever!

Rest in peace Rob...I'm praying for your family and hope they find comfort in these times.

We all miss you!

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Sorry to hear this news. I only got to know Rob this year, mainly through the comments he posted on CTPTalk, especially as a regular participant in Russell's daily wheels; those comments often made me chuckle, especially the more acidic ones!

I really appreciated his help when Eliana launched CTP Blueprint. I didn't have any unstaked CTPTokens to purchase the upgrade and so Rob instantly offered to lend them to me with an open-ended repayment period.

Thank you @cruisin for your support, which will continue long into the future thanks to the legacy you have left for us. May you rest in peace.

And thanks, @jongolson for posting the tribute video.

That's the kind of guy he was...Always giving. And he believed in CTP but also the people in the community. Such a loss.

Thank you so much for this tribute!
For the past few Road to 10K was really strange not to see him here in the comments.
He was and still is a true believer of the CTPTalk Community!
Even though he only wanted to kill Unicorns, he wanted to save Quokkas lol
Rest in Peace Crowsin!

He was a big fan of yours Eliana.

He always used to joke around and say we'd have to go through a lot of non-action takers just to find someone like Eliana.

And maybe because of that it's affecting me so much, he really showed me that and I believed.
And for him, for myself, and for this Community I will keep thriving as much as I can!

I've always liked the ole curmudgeon... he spoke his mind without rancor or malice but with great humor and humanity.... R.I.P. Rob.. you will be greatly missed....

Absolutely. Thanks for the comments Renee. I know his family will appreciate it!

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Thanks you for thoughts and comments :)

your right he sure was to many of you out there. may he not be suffering anymore . Am extremely sorry for your Lost. Very nice video he tell what he thought no matter what

Thanks Cheryl. He was a straight shooter for sure!

So sad to hear that Rob has passed we all knew time was coming but it still hits you like a ton of bricks. I first met Rob way back when we used to do the week (almost a week) long ctp Black Friday live sales and Rob and I used to be on most of the night mountain time daytime for him with the hourly sales. Got to know him well those nights.

He has been a great supporter of CTP for as long as I remember more than a decade for sure, and I will miss our late night talks in discord and zoom and the video chatrooms that @jongolson @richardtaylor, myself and Rob would spends hours every night talking and working, I am really going to miss those late night talks. God bless Rob I know you are now pain free. All the best to his family and we will never forget Rob he was a great human being!

Yup, @jangle was talking to me about that last night...Rob held the fort down for that epic 102 hour long 'spreecast' back in the day...Literally was on camera with everyone for days LOL


Cruisin is still the integral part of the CTP community, By leaving his stake for CTP community he left his memories alive here.

RIP Cruisin, You will be always in our hearts.

Agreed. He will always be a part of CTP!

This is very sad news for all of us. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Thanks man, appreciate the comments!

Great tribute to Rob Jon and you are right he was a straight shooter. I also remember late night conversations with him as well as being with him and you on video at the same time. he was always upbeat, always funny and even though there were times when he and I disagreed on things, I never lost respect for him because I knew he was a hard worker and showed up every single day. RIP Rob, you crazy Aussie.. you will be missed...

Thanks man. Yeah for sure...Telling it like it was...One thing though, he always wanted to see CTP thrive. No matter what, he believed n what we have been doing for a decade. I was blessed to know him all these years.

Hey Jon and fellow CTPers,

I'm so sorry to hear of Rob's demise. I have known him for many years through CTP and had many a crazy conversation with him over time. I knew he was in a bad way but he never lost his very original sense of humour and he never minced his words. I will miss him. I'm just glad for his sake that he's no longer in pain. I'd like to think he's still the 'life of the party' and is still cracking jokes and telling it like it is, wherever he may be! My condolences to his family. Thank you for everything, Rob. RIP my friend.

Thanks Lee. Yeah he was priceless. Observations about online business and his thougths on it, is what I'll miss most. He had such passion for staying busy and working on amazing things that some even never knew he created and managed.

Rob will be missed greatly, however I am happy that he no longer has to have the discomfort that he was experiencing in the past

Loved all the convo's I had with Rob and was very greatful to have had a cuppa or two with him.

Robs legacy lives on :)

So awesome you got to meet up with him. We talked years ago about my wife and I coming out to Australia and we would meet up. Sad I'll never get that chance now.

Urgh. Sucks.

Sorry that he passed away, prayers go out to his family.

Thanks Sheila. I will be sending this video along with all the comments to his family. I know they will appreciate your prayers.

I will miss Rob dearly. It was an honor to know him throughout the years & while we did chat here & there, it wasn't until recently that I got to know him a little bit more.

He had a very good heart & really cared about the CTP community...his humor & wit were fun to have in Discord & having warm memories about him talking about the bakery he liked to go to near his home... it was a softer side to him that was a joy to see...

Sending out so much love, healing energy & prayers to his family & other loved ones he left behind. I know he will always be with us in our hearts & memories, where he will continue to live on....🧡🙏🏻

For sure. I'll do something special, make something named after him...Still figuring out exactly what...But we'll do something nice in his honor and memory :)

That would be truly amazing! :) 💚

Rob truly was one of a kind.

His honest, straight to the point attitude in life is something that, in my opinion, we need more of. He's put me in my place a few times and I can honestly say, I deserved it every single time.

He was someone who, in a world of cookie cutter LFMTE's, always did his own thing!

He was our 102 hour Spreecast legend - and I joke still about how I could never understand a word he said when it was just he and I on screen at about 2 am my time!

He had every reason to complain 24 hours a day about his situation yet I never heard him do it. He took the hand he was dealt and fought hard with it. I respect that about him more than anything. He never gave up.

Rob, we'll miss you. Thank you for your generous contribution to the CTP community.

Keep cruisin', badge thief! 😎

Oh that 102 hour marathon...Was epic.

Without him, that didn't happen...Still think we should have called Guiness for the world record longest live stream...At that time I'm sure it was the longest ever.

Sorry to hear of Rob's passing. May he rest in peace and prayers and sympathy for his family and close friends. This was a very nice tribute, Jon!

Thanks Lisa!

While I didn't know Rob personally , I have heard if him and followed him here on CTPTalk and know that he was a big part of the community. I really liked his TE and will truly miss him.
My Blessings and prayers are with his family. May God Bless you all!!

Thanks Charletta! Appreciate that!

I didn't really know Rob. I only had one conversation with him that I can remember, but he was open and willing to help with whatever information he could provide. By what people have said, I would have liked to get to know him better. I am sorry to hear of his passing and send my condolences to his family and those who knew him well.

Sorry to hear this bad news. Cruisin was a great guy. He supported many people not only on CTPTalk but only on SportsTalkSocial. This is a huge loss to our community that cannot be replaced. Let's pray to the Almighty for him.

Yes, he will be missed. I did not have many interaction with him, but did follow him on Hive and Discord.

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