It's Crypto Mondays - With Special Guest Taskmaster4450

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What a night!

First up, special thanks to @taskmaster4450 for hanging out with us tonight!

We talked about everything from @LeoFinance to the @LBI-Token , @HE-Index to the history of Hive....Awesome stuff!

Hope you really enjoy the recording as it will go down as one of the best Crypto Monday episodes ever.

Hive to the moon!!!!

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It is always nice to be able to put a face with a name I have seen so much. Thanks for the show, @taskmaster4450 --and Jon and Blain, of course.

Thanks for watching Kimberly! It was a lot of fun for sure!

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Great talk guys! Glad I didn't miss it! I miss a lot of news from Hive lately.

Thanks for hanging out and watching man! Appreciate ya!

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I saw the launch of LBI too and I was like, it just keeps getting better and better for Leo. Also I think 2021 will be a definitive year for hive by all means, these steps taken by Leo might the the reasons why so. It's great to see you guys including taskmaster. I'm still watching

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Completely agree. LEO is going to have a huge impact on how well this blockchain does in the future. So cool to be here right now to see it all develop!

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This was the best show yet. @taskmaster4450 dropped so many nuggets. If I implement even half of what he said, I'm sure you will be inviting me on the show soon.

Oh man, for sure. I think we'll end up doing that more...Having special guests....There's only so much Jongo people can take before they tune out LOL

I really didn't expect to hear that taskmaster had basically zero contact with any social media before Hive nor that he didn't even make a comment or video on Youtube!

It's a bright example of what Hive and its dapps can attract. If they can attract a person who doesn't even care to write a comment and makes it to be the top commenter then what else we need?

Only marketing is the answer :P

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It's funny to think about the "history of hive" given it has only been around such a short time, but so much has happened in that time. It is all very exciting. I was able to take part in the LBI thing yesterday, and I am really excited about that as well.

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Absolutely. I wasn't going to miss it for the world. LOL Already feel like slapping myself because of SPI and LEO lol

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Yeah, no kidding!

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Wow! It is really awesome talk, consisting lot of topics.

Yeah , Blain might got late for Dinner.

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LOL He didnt mind...But yeah, pretty sure he was late lol

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Yay, it's here! Thank you, I'm going to listen to it a bit later, bookmarking your post now! Excellent!

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Hope you enjoy it :)

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Thanks for the recording. That was really inspiring to listen to you and to @taskmaster4450. I believe there are golden times ahead of us on this blockchain!

Absolutely man....Just getting started here and all these projects will start helping each other out. It's going to be awesome!

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" We are on facebook , I know , Don't hate us " lol . I almost did .

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ha ha ha ha I know, I know...We only use it to pull people to Hive lol

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A long discussion that touched on all the important topics related to blockchain and crypto and one conclusion that I understood.
That I did well that I started in Blockchain and crypto, that it is the best decision to be prepared in what is to come.

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For sure...Best decision I ever made was getting involved in Hive!

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Wow! If you say that, from your internet marketing experience (I've known you for many years, I've used your traffic exchange programs for many years, Sweeva and ILoveHits were my favorites) ... then I'm glad I chose Hive ( in fact the predecessor and then Hive).

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LOL Blast from the past!

Yeah I was very partial to those 2 specifically :)

I didn't know, I thought you were the owner.

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Nah I sold them years ago.

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Wow that was just an amazing show @jongolson, I watched the whole Facebook replay today while also doing some other stuff, @taskmaster4450 had a lot of nuggets to deliver, Blain had to pull up the note all the time for it, and really nice to get to know more about his background too, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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