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One of the major reasons @blainjones and I were attracted to the Hive blockchain was the promise of a better way to pay and be paid when it came to online commerce, online businesses and affiliate marketing.

This seemed to be the perfect fit for what we were trying to build. After the issues we had with our online businesses when it came to payment processing (PayPal to be precise), crypto just fit like a hand in glove. Hive had it all, fast transactions, no fees and the scalability to handle big growth.

And then the promise of SMT's as well...It was just too good to be true.

Our first attempt at bridging the gap between online businesses and the blockchain had quite a bit of success in our niche market. Fire-Pay still enables entrepreneurs and online merchants to accept credit card payments with ease on their site PLUS the addition of the CTP Token as a payment method made it a big win.

But we always wanted more...

We thought this blockchain has unique communities and combined with the amazing potential of what we see on Hive-Engine, there has to be a way for entrepreneurs to plug into this eco system.



Our goal for HivePay!

To simplify the process of sending and receiving Hive based payments between merchants and customers.

We do this by using a simple check out button that you can include on all your websites / blogs as it allows you to accept and spend Hive tokens!

But wait...There's more!

Not only does use Hive and HBD...We've also opened things up...Big time! You can now accept virtually all Hive-Engine tokens as well on your websites and SPEND them on merchant sites that integrate HivePay into their check out pages.


Do you have some LEO you wish to use to buy a product from Merchant A....Simply click on the Hive Pay button, choose LEO and it will automatically give you the exchange rate in YOUR preferred currency for that product.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Confirm the transaction and presto...

You've spent some LEO on some cool products and services!

We've added support for all Hive-Engine tokens that have trading volume and the ability to pick and choose which tokens you want to accept for your websites!


PurchasewithHivePayio 1.png

This is customizable to what you want to accept on your site.

What's Next?

  • We are still early in development, but the code does work RIGHT NOW!

  • We are working with some heavy hitters on Hive already to make this the perfect merchant solution for entrepreneurs and customers looking to spend and accept Hive and Hive-Engine tokens.

  • The ability to add multiple items at checkout is nearing completion at the time of this post as well.

  • We encourage you to check out all the up to date. development taking place by joining our HivePay Discord here!

  • And for full documentation for the code to get it installed on your site, check out the official website here as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

Yes, there are fees! But it was critical to make sure we kept them low...

So all transactions will have a 0.5% fee attached.

We think that's pretty cheap :)

But if you want to get those fees lowered even more...

Coming soon will be the ability for CTP Token holders to reduce the fees by 50%!

In the near future, if you stake 50,000 CTP Tokens, you can reduce your fees from 0.5% to 0.25%.

The End Goal

Our goal since day one, in the CTP Tribe as well as our personal journeys here, have been to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurs of the world and the Hive blockchain!

We think every single Hive-Engine token as well as Hive just got a huge boost in actual use case with the release of

Now we can let entrepreneurs and online merchants tap into the amazing eco-system and communities that are being built every day on Hive.

We hope you think this adds value to the blockchain and look forward to working with you all to make the standard for crypto payments on the blockchain!

Be sure to join in the discussions in our Discord server to find out more :)



Will be integrated with 3Speak very soon! Good job!

Appreciate you man, thank you so much for the support. Honored to be considered with 3speak :)

Finally, a tool that can help with processing payments with Hive and Hive-Engine tokens! And I like the incentive of staking CTP tokens for additional discounts!

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It's like BNB token but better lol

Yeah man, we think it helps everyone in the Hive eco-system and Hive-Engine immediately get more use case potential.


If Firepay was awesome, Hivepay is way beyond that!!
Finally a much better use case of Hive and many cool tokens out there!
Hope some open their eyes and see what this tribe is doing and capable of!
Let's goooo!!!

Just the start ;)

This is just 'thing #1' LOL

@blainjones has been learning the blockchain and teaching himself how this all works...Bunch of ideas are coming soon!

I honestly don't have time in my life right now to dig into the details here, but superficially at least, this looks like awesome progress to promote the coin and the chain into ecommerce! Upvoted and reblogged!

Awesome, thank you so much!!

This is awesome probably one of the coolest announcements ives one HIVE in a long time, if you can connect something like this with say sites like wordrpess and shopify then the sky is the limit

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That's our road map over the next few days / weeks....Woocommerce, Shopify :)

Awesome, I look foward to seeing the roll out, hands down the most exciting project I've seen in a while

This "thing" is really great. With cart function, this will be even better ;-). Great job guys!

Coming, very soon ;)

This is awesome. I will be glad to pay the merchants or websites using hivepay.

It's a win win for all

Awesome man, that's the benefit too of having this...Allowing the Hive community to spend their tokens everywhere they want :)

What a great tool. This will change some, if not all, of my friends who are crypto skeptics' minds. This makes crypto full-blown currency. Thank you @jongolsen and @blainjones.

Absolutely man! One step towards better adoption is a win for us all!

Kaching!!! This sound nice!!! @tipu curate !invest_vote

Thanks very much :)

Great Work Team

Thanks man, without your support over the years, this never could have happened!

Great work Jon!

The only issue I have is still that people in crypto are mostly HODLers, not spenders.

Do you plan to add any sort of incentive to have coins staked when you spend?

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That's a great question. Something to work on for sure...But that's imbedded into us right lol Need to change the attitude towards crypto....If we see it can be used, every day, for every day items, products and services...I think that changes the attitude we have towards it!

Oh my goodness. THIS is what has always been needed. I hope it can also be added to charitable sites etc to accept donations etc etc. A true game-changer. Thank you.

Oh the possibilities are endless :)

Appreciate the comments very much!!

This is going to be a HUGE game changer & already is! The use case has been leveled up with Hive Pay. Finally, a "payment processor" that has no limits....

This is amazing to see your vision come to life. I know this will also get the attention of others who are NOT on the Hive blockchain as well...thank you for making this!!

Now, how can I integrate it in my future projects? hmmmm ;)

This can be integrated into everything once we're finished the checkout cart, etc...No limits at all :)

I need a system to sell my .stl file, and that’s could be cool

Just awesome sauce, @jongolson & @blainjones, just awesome sauce!!! 👏😍

Thank ya kindly :)

Amazing work Jon!!

Thanks very much! We're so excited to have it out there for everyone to see and play with!

What a great idea! I love the spirit of this tool, this will make the value of hive and the token of Hive engine increase in price if they can be used by a lot of entrepreneurs

That's our thinking...Every single Hive Engine token and even Hive....Just got a massive bump in actual use case :)

Well done!
@arcange, that would be also something for the @hivebuzz-shop, wouldn´t it?

I already had talks with the shop supplier to enable payments with crypto.
They (politely) replied they will evaluate the opportunity to do it with the marketing department. I guess this answers your question.

Thanks! Hm.

Oh wow, if that happens...I'll be shopping there all the time LOL

It is incredible, delightful, we are moving forward, we are creating the future together today!

Good day to everyone, friends!

Thanks for the comments and support!

Genius idea I hope you hit a home run

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Thanks so much. We hope everyone loves it and starts to integrate it around the web!

Great stuff @jongolson very exciting project for sure bro well done fellas smart move i rekon

Thanks man, should be a solid option now for online entrepreneurs to plug into this communtiy!

I Like what I am seeing this will be a great dapp. I am going to take a look at it and see how it integrates.

Awesome to hear that :)

Pop by our Discord and let us know how it works for ya!

The idea sounds very promising and could potentially open up the Hive blockchain into new territories. I'm keen to watch the progress of this endeavor.

Crossing fingers!!!

Yeah we hope so too. It would be epic!

What you are doing, that's praiseworthy! Now entrepreneurs and customers can accept and make payments through HIVE and Hive Engine-based tokens! Incredible!
Keep up the great work! :)

Hope it opens it up to some massive potential and awareness for how vibrant and active this blockchain is!

this is so much needed! thanks for developing it!

Thanks so much, glad you think so :)

This certainly adds a lot of potential and actual value to the Hive blockchain...sounds pretty amazing actually and I'm looking forward with interest to how this develops.

Bravo and Good Luck 👏👍😎

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Thanks so much. Yeah we've got a ton of development ongoing right now, Woocommerce and Shopify are the priorities!

Well, this Fire-Pay/HivePay project and dapp actually looks cool and pretty promising. :)

The only drawback that I see so far is that if you are able to integrate your technology in websites such as wordpress and shopify quickly enough as @chekohler says. The problem is gonna be that the value of Hive would have the potential to go up to $1 in short time and consequently people are going to hate you for not giving them the chance to buy Hive at these low and cheap prices nowadays. Hahahaha :p

Oh I agree...Great time to stack up now :)
Yup, that's our priority...Getting the script into Shopify, etc.

Excellent! looking forward for when you have those scripts available buddy. I may have some pink magic potions I could want to sell. };)

This is one of the best HIVE news I have heard in a very long time. You have done some amazing work. Thank you!

Thanks so much for those comments...We're excited. Hope the blockchain is too!

The potential we have here is nothing short of absolutely incredible. You have done a great service! All we need now is more merchants.

I have a bunch of people I'm working with that are ready to rock and get it up. Plus a bunch of Shopify merchants waiting for the plugin....I think it'll take off quickly once it's all ready to rock :)

I didn't even think things had moved this far. I thought adoption would mainly come from HIVE projects. @chrisrice might love the project.

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Good work, this will add value to the hive.

Thanks very much! Appreciate the comments and we hope so too :)

When Word Press plugin?

Working on it right now :)

Check out the Discord for development of it :)

Great news! And I like the 50,000 staked CTP Token target for reduced fees. Very cool.

I'm kinda distracted right now with my teaching schedule and er... other stuff... ;) but I will be making Hive payments via Hivepay available on EliteDownlineBuilder soon!

So cool to hear that man!

Thank you so much for the support!

And yup, another use case for good ol' CTP lol

super cool! This will help adoption in all kind of directions :)

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Thanks :)

Hope so....And we'll keep developing it so it opens it up for everyone!

Jesus Christ this is epic!!

LOL Big time :)

This is just amazing Jon, and great work of Blain and everyone else for creating this, very much needed and creates massive use case.

Now I don't know if you have thought about this part since I did not see swap.btc and swap.eth and so on for the list of tokens accepted, but if added you just enabled 3 second transactions of Bitcoin and Etherium, and it's all on Hive.

Plus I really like that incentive to stake CTP tokens for lower transaction fee's, keep up your great work.

Always something to consider. Just needs volume on Hive Engine for those tokens. Could be added easily I'm sure.

Wow, this is really big :) Well done!

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Thanks :) Appreciate the comments and support very much.

This could be a game-changer!

Crossing fingers that people use it and love it :)

Congratulation Jon.
I saw lot of people are now posting about Hivepay and I guess it will help CTP too.

The support has been awesome! So cool to see :)

This is huge! Awesome :)

Thanks for the comment :)

We hope so!

Very Interesting WTG Jon and Blain.

Thank you :)


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Jesus Christ this is epic!!

Good job... thanks for sharing


...way better than that Tipping project being run by scammers!

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