The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - The BUIDL!

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What a great week in the community!

From the amazing launch week of @ctpsb to the awesome news across Hive....

What a time to be ENGAGED!

Let's dive into your questions and comments this week and keep building towards 10k CTP Tokens!

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time was when 10K CTP tokens was my main goal. I'm still intent on growing my staked CTP but working on growing CTPM and CTPSB too. Now, 10k HP is my main goal. 😁😁 I've still got a long way to go. 🐢🐢🐢 slowly but surely...

More power to CTP! Thanks for all that you do, Jon! 😉👍🏼

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Thats awesome Rose and you are crushing it....That's the best game plan....Slow and steady wins the race :)

Seems like I missed commenting last week, shame on me. As for the hard fork the way I look at them is that I can do nothing about them so I have just decided to ignore they will come and go. The system will have a few bugs after a hard fork seems to be the rule.
Glad to see the ctp token still going up and a great time to get Hive as well as it is sitting about 13 cents right now. I am up to over 2,500 hive tokens now (just got some more)
Still on tract to be at 35,000 ctp tokens by the end of the year.

Have a great week everyone

Keep going man, now is the time to be super active as there is less competition out there creating and curating!

Almost there :)
1000 CTPM
8065 CTP
Target 100K

That is awesome!!!

On so many levels. Massive congrats!

Thank you so much for the great show!
Speaking of show...what a week for CTP Tokens 😁
And agree with having Hive representative(s) to help with communication not only about hardforks but for everything else outside. Yeah some are doing the Twitter thing but how about other social media? How about those emails from @sidwrites for example? Or even the Hive Today from @hivetrending? These and much more should be more exposed to make Hive great outside! If there's no proper self branding how can get more people in? The witnesses and whales need a dose of CTP training 😉

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Have been thinking about this. I’d like to bring @HiveToday to other platforms in some way, not just copy-paste.

I think what you do with @HiveToday would be like a subtle way to exposure Hive outside without the social media blocking you lol but shows a bit overall what's happening inside. Collaborate with @hiveonboard and show up like the Explore tab? Just throwing ideas against the wall and see if sticks like Jon sometimes says lol

Maybe you can help me figure out one part of this.

The goal of posting on other platforms would be to drive traffic to PeakD. It is important to me to measure the impact, to measure the clicks. Is there an easy way to do this?

Hmmm..I never used it because I use a pro tracker for track and test my pages but there's HiveURL where you can add your post links and track them. And maybe don't get the spam radar from the social media since it's "new"?

I think PeakD offers some referral tracking tools. I will experiment with this.

Hope Sid is ok, havent heard from him in a month and the last post he stated he caught the virus :(

Yeah these regular updates are so important and it highlights everything happening on Hive!

Oh shoot I do recall reading that! For a moment was wondering why he stopped sending emails...Sending light to him and also hope he's ok!

The CTP be community is still flying under the radar of most of the powerful people on Hive but I think we are on the good way. With a community that is growing daily, with tools to help this growth, we will slowly but surely take a position within Hive that can't be ignored anymore. Let's profit from low Hive prices to continue our growth!

I think the ability for us to stay under the radar might be slowly coming to an end LOL

I'm all for it!

HardFork will come when it's ready...

I had a friend who had a popular saying, and answer on the question when will be the lunch: "The lunch is finished, when it's on the table"

So, no reason to break our heads about it, as it's out of our control... Continue with building and accumulating... ;)

I think the 'wall of Hive' needs to do a much better job at communication.

I get that we are decentralized, but someone controls that Twitter handle and the Discord server....Let us know what's going on :)

With SUGR and Road2To10kCTP, you just keep the rewards coming. Thanks for all you do for the CTP community, Jon.

For sure man, it's a ton of fun!

And without you guys crushing it everyday, it wouldn't be the same!

I am happy to be a whale somewhere lol, I saw the potential of the CTPSB and decided to instead of using the money to buy hive for myself which I had planned thoughout the next 4 - 6 months I decided to take the plunge and use it all at once on the Swarm Booster as I understood that I would earn way more investing my money there than buying hive and staking them to my own account.
But I expect to be passed by the real whales some time soon when they realize the value of the CTPSB token.
I am also at the same time happy that my investment can help the community.

With all the buying of the CTP token done recently by our communty I am sure that it will become noticed more and more too.
Sp hold on to your hats & bonnets this could be a wild ride to the top.

Agreed. All this is positive attention to our tokens and community...>CTPSB is a huge win!

Great video man, and yeah there does need to be a dedicated communicator to avoid that late delay announcement, we will see when it comes and deal with it then.

Just got over 6k HP this week, and will look at staking some more CTP once I have done the monthly fireshopping, great to see the price go up, still buying CTP at 5 Hive per day, the number of tokens I get for that is going down though, but it's Hive Cost Average so it's great.

Keep up your awesome work.

Awesome stuff man, massive congrats on that achievement!

You are the picture of showing up and putting in the work every day!


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HardFork will come when it's ready...

I had a friend who had a popular saying, and answer on the question when will be the lunch: "The lunch is finished, when it's on the table"

So, no reason to break our heads about it, as it's out of our control... Continue with building and accumulating... ;)