The Formula & The Funnel

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I've been talking about the 5-500-5000 formula...Forever it seems!

And because I'm one of those 'marketing types' I always like to see how I can fit it into traditional marketing models that can help people get better results with everything they are building online...

Yes, marketing types aren't always trying to sell ya something LOL

Well maybe I am...I'm trying to sell you on your ability to reach dolphin status here on HIVE by following this VERY simple and straight forward plan.

I hope you enjoy the video and get a ton of value from it!

Wanna learn how to bring the blockchain to your affiliate marketing projects....?


There's your solution :)

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On point!

Showing up every day is half the battle (in any business or venture in life).


I wish there was more to it than that, but that's it lol Show up, put in the work!

Wow, How amazing is that!! :)

Not bad huh :) Fits perfectly!

It sure does. excellent piece, and tons more in members area too 🙂

Yessir...A big chunk of our education revolves around this lesson for sure.

The important part of this message is that you need to persevere and show up every day. It takes time but the speed is increasing on the way... What matters is that it works!

Yeah man, and what's sad is that people pay thousands in consulting fees and 'programs' just to hear this simple truth....Show up and do the work!

I’m still wondering where I should start this email marketing thing. There are so many programs! I signed up for listnerds, trafficleads2income and prosperity marketing system and get emails from a bunch of others.

Is it all necessary? I would like to try and start one program if that is possible and use the free trial period as best as I can.

Like, do I need something alongside listnerds in order to be able to earn something? Or is it a complete package?

Well, ListNerds is a viral mailer, so it works similar to a safelist.

So you would take your ads or your emails and be able to blast them to the membership.

To me, nothing beats the ROI of email marketing.

So I can set up emails and build a list in listnerds right? But does it also do the autoresponder thing?

The autoresponder is how you build a list., the tool needed to do so. ListNerds just 'blasts' emails out to the membership of ListNerds.

Ah, that makes sense! Thanks a lot.

Hey. If you want to discuss autoresponders and what works, I track all of my email marketing efforts, and have paid for and used 3 different autoresponders. Hit me up in our Telegram group for CTP and I'll be glad to share my results and how it's worked for me (fantastically) and what I do to grow my list. And yes, I belong to all 3 of the programs you listed in your original comment here.

Thanks, I will do that. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

No worries. If you look for me on Telegram, I will be glad to discuss my auto-responder results. I really need to write a blog post on this, since there's a specific auto-responder that I've paid for that I simply cannot recommend any longer.

I am going to throw a party on hive the day I hit dolphin

You should have seen the party I had when I hit 500 Hive Power back in 2018 lol

I like this video I think this is sort of aligned with my approach here on HIVE ,
I have been engaging with at least 5 new people everyday and also maintaining connections with the people I engaged with yesterday etc.
I hope to reach a good number of followers soon :)

Oh it's the magic for big results here for sure.

Engagement makes this chain flourish in my opinion!

Yay... This video is for me! As I'm lazy about email marketing...

Great strategy and it works!

Get to work!!!! lol

Dude you are an awesome writer, email marketing would be perfect for you.

It looks that I will start to write emails when you start to play Splinterlands... lol...
which is not comparable at all... 🤣 I mean, the importance of these two things :)

ha ha ha ha One day. Promise!

That's what she said! 🤣

Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and this is a really great formula for growing on Hive, treat it like a marketing funnel and keep engaging, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thanks man! Yup, treat it like a funnel and always be engaging!

Thanks @jongolson, and stay awesome.

That was a beautiful application of a a marketing funnel to what we do on Hive Jon, and yes engagement is very important, and I just reached another milestone on my own journey towards Dolphin level and that is 4500 Hive Power, it was 4350 one and a half week ago, and I have not even been powering up, just author HP and curation HP, keep up your awesome work.

Dude!!! That's awesome man!

Looking forward to seeing you crush that 5000 HP goal!! It's coming very soon!

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Setting goals and taking consistent steps is pretty much the key to achieving anything in life. Looking at Hive this way really helps to provide a track to run on! And it helps make the effort less overwhelming.