Thursday Night Live - Are You Still On The Sidelines?

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20 years ago...PayPal showed up. And it took them years to be 'accepted' by the general population as a way to buy things online...

Crypto is following the same track....

It's going to take years for the every day person to feel comfortable using this stuff to buy things with.

But it's happening!

And if you are an online entrepreneur, you are VERY excited for the future!

We talk about that and so much more tonight....

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New technologies take time to get implemented and it shows how slow the economy adapts them. Paypal was great some time ago but we have much better now :-).

Thanks a lot for the shout out!

Indeed...PayPal can ride off to the sunset!!! lol

Nice. Actually I never gave a thought that it is $ sign in crypto platform.
Nice thinking and logic here. Just make sure nobody has legal issue with that sign.(some government are really oppressive and banned BTC).

Yeah good point...LOL I doubt we'll change it up, but just made me laugh when I looked at it.

The early adopters on Hive will be social media gods in the future.
As long as we all stick to it. Would suck to stop with crypto now in kick yourself in 5 years when some token you could have had more of takes of. So as you said, don't sit on the sidelines.

I think the Swarm logo is already a good simple alternative to the bulkier one. But that dollar sign need to go indeed. 🤣