The Road To 10 K CTP Tokens - What A Year.....Glad It's Over LOL

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Let's get excited!

3speak is creating their own token....

LEO is about to airdrop some BOMBS to token holders...

And we're about to relaunch and have a JAM PACKED schedule of development and release in 2021....

If you aren't excited for everything happening on this blockchain...Give your head a shake ;)

Hope you have an AWESOME New Year and we'll see you in 2021!

▶️ 3Speak


My goal is to get that sticker! ahaha
Happy New Year!
So many things going on and we are just on day 6 of the year!
Already wrote my goals and shared them with the Hive world!
Hive, LEO, CTP, Index, and CTPSB and in my bag of treats!
Be better at email marketing is on my list as well and learn more about HTML and CSS! And keep learning of course!
Heck, I even started a weight-loss journal through Actifit Reports!
I know y'all will keep kicking me so let's see how far I go :)
And secret projects! I didn't forget about them but shhh ;)
Exciting times ahead!

Oh man there is so much to get excited about. If only half of the things planned will come out in 2021, life on Hive will be tremendous :-).

I wish you and all the CTP tribe a very happy and successful new year!

Thanks man, you too!

Let's crush it!

This year is going to be amazing! Looking forward to continuing to grow with this community. But I am also very grateful for the growth I have experienced since rejoining you after your relaunch.

I think we haven't seen anything yet :)

Get ready for a big 2021!

Good Morning, @jongolson! I am ready for all the greatness that is coming this year.😀___

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I love what you guys are doing! I have been stacking Index, CTPM, and staking my CTP. Can’t wait to continue working with you guys over the coming year with all these new projects we are all building! #hivecommerce to the moon!


Just scratching the surface...Going to be a massive year ahead!

Selling Index

Investing without understanding always cause this issue. Index should be long term hold and very passive thing.

Agreed....VERY passive!

It's set up like that.

As I continue to learn about the Hive blockchain and crypto in general, I get more and more excited. I am no prognosticator and I have no aspirations for significant gains in 2021. However, I can continue to stack, dollar cost average, and compound my earnings. If I continue to create, curate, and stake, I will be exponentially further this time next year than I am now. And if I continue to increase more each year than the year before, I will reach the point of what I call "passive income replacement" (replacing my J-O-B with passive income and never having to work for somebody else again). This alone gives me hope that next year will be better than this year...and so on...and so on. All I have to do is be consistent and never give up...and everyone else has that same opportunity.

Your future self will thank you ;)

For doing those habits each and every day here on Hive!

Looking forward to 2021, after almost 2 years looking I received a job offer just before Christmas. I start after current lockdown in Ontario.

Always taking tokens earned on shakepay or faucets and converting to Hive. I now use some of that Hive and buy various HE tokens.

That is awesome man!

Congrats on that!

You've achieved a lot and also helped us to achieve a lot in Year 2020. Thanks Jon. I'm on my way to 10k CTP and that should be achieved before the end of January, 2021. The target for 2021 would be 50k CTP. Let's see how it unfolds

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Very nice!

I have no doubt in my mind that you'll reach that sir!

i hope 2021 to be the year of cryptos!

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I have no doubt in my mind it will be :)

With all the bad in 2020 I would say cryptocurrency is coming out looking pretty good this year. The attention it is getting from big businesses and famous people, along with all the payment integration of crypto instead of fiat. Also the fact that Bitcoin hit an all time high today over $29k just brings more attention to crypto. I am thinking that cryptocurrency could really explode in 2021.

Just crazy to think of where we were a few years ago...Bitconnect to cloud mining LOL

Now it's NFL players wanting to be paid in Bitcoin for their salaries....And it's just getting started!

Well a New Year is here and time to set new targets for the year, which I have to sit down and write out yet. The airdrops will be interesting to see how much that will help me with my stacking. Looking forward to 2021 being a great year for all of us at CTP family!!!. Happy New Year one and all.

Should be a good one!

Got a big post planned for tomorrow @clicktrackprofit

Going over our game plan for the next 12 months!

Wow!.. Happy new year in advance.