#MyHiveGoals - 80k Was So Last Week...

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Focus is an amazing thing...

It lets you ignore the noise all around you.

Drama, fads, hype and hoopla...All are silenced as your eyes are on the prize and your goals are written down in stone!

That's how I look at my Hive journey.

Sure, DeFi is exciting!

I bet there is a new opportunity popping up in the next few hours....

I almost guarantee I lost out on something because I didn't notice it...

And it's all o.k.!

My focus is... #MyHiveGoals

Let's see how the journey went this week....

100k Hive Power


How's that for a pump :)

The price of Hive went down to around 14 cents each...So I pulled the trigger and spent around $250 on some HP this week...

Yup, you read that right!

Over 80k Hive Power now!

It's funny to think...When I first joined this blockchain I thought hitting 5,000 was out of the question....Now I'm that much closer to my goal of hitting 100k before the end of 2020!

100,000 - 80,263.484 = 19,736.52 Left To Go!


Under 20k!!!!

It's going to be a tough hill to climb at around 1400 Hive per week to hit my goal, but let's keep pushing and see what happens!

25 Rewards Per Post

Miracles never cease!

I've gone up in rewards AGAIN this week...

Albeit, a tiny amount but still!

A win is a win and I'll take it...

We're up to 19.678 rewards per post for this past week :)


Curation is up slightly but creation is down...Again, I'll never figure it out LOL

10 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

We're still sitting at 9 Dolphins in CTP...But take a look at this :)


That's the current Hive Power and Delegation for the @ctpsb project!


And with only a few more days to stock up on CTPSB tokens, I think we'll cruise past 6k with ease and who knows where the totals will end up on October 1st!

I'll do my part and continue to send beneficiary rewards from this post and others to the project.

This is a huge representation on what it means to be a part of the CTP Tribe!

People helping people...Every. Single. Day!

You guys are truly remarkable, thank you for your continued belief in this project and each other!

Let's see what the next 7 days brings to our journeys....


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




WTG.. I was all excited about hitting 2K.... I'm taking HIVE much more seriously than I did with Steem. I'm going to start adding PUD every month and I've been blogging a lot more. So much inspiration now though, seeing all the hard work everyone is putting in! Great job man! Keep up the good work.

Yeah man, Steem was always sketchy...And I know Hive isn't perfect but wow, what a feeling to be a part of this!

Congratulations. 100K seems a long shot for me, not for you. Love to witness you reaching your goal soon.

You'd be blown away at what happens when you show up everyday and keep contributing :)

Hive Daddy intensifies

Always intense!!!

Over 80k that is amazing man, and really great to see the growth in the CTP Swarm, let's see who completes the first 10.

It's up for grabs for sure!

Especially with Hive so cheap these days!

Onwards and Upwards, so cool to see you this close to 100,000

Posted Via PeakD as I cannot post via CTPTalk

So weird about CTP Talk. No issues on our end...Wonder if @eonwarped has any idea why it's not working for ya?

Hi Jon @jongolson , Yeah, I am apparently not the only one that it is not working for,
I am unable to make comments or edit via CTP Talk but am able to upvote

Have checked all I can from this end, just means if I want to comment I go to PeakD to do so

Impressive jump this week! It seems that 100'000 become accessible until the end of the year!

I'm cruising through my country with my family and have only limited access to internet. I will make an update of the @ctpsb project as soon as I'm back home.

We'll see. Even if I don't hit it, I'll be a lot closer than I am today :)

Stay safe man, enjoy the trip!

Thank you!

3 months is more than enough for you to get to those 100K! I have no doubts that you will reach that!
Good luck!

LOL Man, I dunno....That's a big hill to climb. But we'll give it a big shot for sure!

Good for you! I want to see lots more dolphins and orcas on Hive. It shows people have confidence in the platform even in these tough times. It seems crazy that the HIVE price is so low when we know how good it is. I will do another power up for the 1st. I wish I could put in more, but finances are a bit tight.


Yeah I got super lucky with that UNI air drop, so it's been funding my HIVE obsession LOLOL

Yeah, scary to see so many top 20 witnesses powering down and cashing out...But I think the 'middle class' on Hive will be the next voice if it continues.

We need that 'critical mass' of committed users who will stay invested and help build the community. We need more concerted marketing campaigns. We are gaining in share of the vote.


With this movie and questions circling...It's a great opportunity to highlight and market Hive.

I'm throwing this out obviously to promote our onboarding tool..But this is a great time to highlight Hive. The attention can be ours.


I need to watch that documentary soon. We do need to make people understand how they are exploited by these companies.

I cannot connect to TheHiveGuide for some reason.

So weird. I asked my partner to take a look but he says there is no issues anywhere else...Weird. We'll keep checking.

This this maybe?


I get "This site can’t provide a secure connection" in Chrome and Firefox. Same on my phone. May be something with my ISP.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Good on you Jon! That's just another cool plateau.

I am just miserable. I am utterly tapped out (I've even checked my BTC dust at every exchange I've ever used) and I'd really like to be in the buy market. I expect some money in October, but...

Again, good for you. That's serious stuff.

Yeah I got lucky as heck with that UNI stuff. Or else I'd be stressed out trying to find fiat to buy lol

Really good progress on your goals.

Have you looked at what kind of posts are earning better? Or are they all very similar in rewards for you?

The videos on 3speak always do best. They have been supporting my content now for a while. Very grateful for that!

I think that is the case for most people in the ctp swarm.

Congrats bro i almost understood some of this ha ha great job @jongolson hope your having a great weekend

ha ha ha ha ha thanks man. keep poking around, it all starts to make sense :)

Congratulation Jon. I do not know you keep hitting your milestone before time.

Hopefully ctpsb will go beyond 6000 (but 5K+ plus start is also indeed a achievement )

Every day, just adding a little more....Slowly and steadily :)

Power on


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Good job
Always spirit