#MyHiveGoals - It's Time To Add LEO To The Mix!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

We're going to switch things up a bit this week...

Are you ready?

It's time to revisit #MyHiveGoals


Writing these new goals into existence :)

You'll notice a few bumps because we've reached 2 of the goals already and a brand new addition to what I wanna accomplish here on the blockchain...

100,000 Hive Power

We still have a ways to go...And I'm working hard to hit my target by the end of the year...


Still a ways away yet but we're gaining ground:

100,000 - 88,350.513 = 11,649.49 left to go!

January 1st, 2021 is looking like a dream right now, but you never know what can happen. I'm still stacking and buying liquid Hive as much as I can and will hit it!

Crossing fingers it's at the end of the year :)

10,000 LEO Power

Ever feel like you missed the memo? The boat? The hype train?

Well, that's how I feel about LEO.

I'll be brutally honest, I didn't think this tribe would welcome me simply because...I'm the world's worst investor. I dollar cost average and the content they seemed to cater to, was investing and crypto...Crypto I'm still figuring out but investing...I'm the opposite what you would consider a successful investor.

Yet, I dabbled...And have still amassed over 9,000 LEO tokens.

As for WLEO and all the other exciting things they have going on...I have no idea what I'm doing, LEO projects and content speak in a language I'm still not confident in...But I'm learning.

So for me, the LEO token is my new little darling. I'm on a mission to accumulate more of it, and learn while doing so.


10,000 - 9,275.224 = 724.776 left to go

VERY achievable! And I'll be diving into more 'dollar cost averaging' type posts LOL

LEO is a no brainer and one of the flagship projects of this blockchain!

50 Rewards Per Post

This is our first...VICTORY!!

We crushed it and are currently clocking in around 30 plus rewards per post....


262.52 / 7 = 37.50 rewards per post!!!


The journey continues and we'll target 50 rewards per post in 2021....Let's see how we do :)

20 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

This has been nothing short of remarkable! We crushed the '10 dolphins' goal already!!!

After checking out the latest post from @achim03.ctp we can see we are in striking distance of 15 dolphins in the swarm!

15 is so....2020....lol

Let's shoot for 20 :)

And from what I can see, it'll happen!!

Just need to keep things moving forward and with the amazing project that is @ctpsb We can achieve it!!!

Let's keep growing and supporting each other!

Note: This post will send 25% of it's rewards to support @ctpsb


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

Our Community On Hive




Always good to see the progress of people moving forward.

Yes Leo is a gem of Hive and it is wonderful to see.

Glad you are on board. Probably the best part of this post is the fact that you are nearing 15 Dolphins and are now pushing for 20.

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Yeah man, I was there since day one but never thought I could contribute much...Just cause this is all still new to me, but I'm in love with this crypto stuff...Borderline addiction LOL

I am passed borderline addition...I am full blown and loving it.

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ha ha ha ha fair enough!

I'm sure I'm headed there if not already lol

Leo is a great token to hold and grow more for sure. SPI is also great it is now going for over 4.30 per token and is paying out in SPI tokens weekly as well as there new one EDS token which is paying 12% in hive weekly payout. There are a couple more for you to look at Jon. Looking to get more LEO tokens as well.

Yeah I got a few SPI, but they were supposed to do something with CTP and I haven't heard from them in a while...Not sure where we stand with them :(

Great investments! Dollar cost averaging is honestly the best way to go.

Thanks :) Yeah I agree...Simple. And it just makes sense.

Wow. You're on track reaching your goals, good job!

Where did you get these Total Curation Awards and Total Author Rewards images?

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thanks. from HiveStats.io

so many amazing numbers from that site.

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You don't even have to do anything complicated. Just stake LEO and go on with life as if nothing happened. That alone can bring you great results. After the flat curation curve, LEO voting has become like a tipping platform with everyone getting 50% of their vote values. BTW are you invested in any of the HIVE Blockchain Games? I have been doing quite well with @splinterlands

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Love it. Yeah seems to be quite popular to turn that flat curation curve on with the tribes.

Yeah I’ve got a few cards in Splinterlands and Dcity.

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Hi, I am new around here and @jongolson what advice would you give me who are new to this?

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Welcome to the fun :)

Don’t look at the price of it and just work on accumulating Hive and other tokens here.

Engage with people and enjoy the ride.

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Ok and thanks @jongolson

Awesome work Jon, keep on crushing the goals so that you can set even higher ones, let's get 20 Dolphins too, and have an awesome Sunday.

thanks man

you too!!

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Wow, Keep raising the bar and keep hitting it is really a nice achievement.

Slow and steady wins the race :)

“ I'll be brutally honest, I didn't think this tribe would welcome me simply because...I'm the world's worst investor.”

You’re always welcome in these parts Jon 🦁

And dollar cost averaging + the fact that you’re in crypto makes you one of the most informed investors in the world ;)

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Appreciate you man, thanks for bringing so much value to the chain!

Oh boy lol Don't gas my head, I'll start watching Boiler Room and Wall Street again and think I'm Gordon Gekko lol

Let your 10000 Leo come quick. 😃

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Oh for sure :)

I'm pretty close!

Nice! It's always good to set goals and keep track of them. I think I will start doing the same.

You are a great inspiration for everyone @jongolson.

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Appreciate that :)

Just wanna be a guinea pig and show the world...This stuff CAN be figured out :)

Slowly lol

You're not the world's worst investor, you're basically into other opportunities as well and sometimes it's not every potential you will discover early. You been hitting goals and you have been doing it real good. I basically feel you can still buy. With all the development going on, Leo might hit 1$ in matter of weeks or months

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Oh no doubt!

I can see it happening, and anyone that bets against Khal is...Welp....Foolish.

I doubt very much you're "the world's worst investor" @jongolson! I spent years laboring under the illusion that being a successful investor required you to invest according to lots of complicated metrics and systems. Just the fact that you're dollar cost averaging puts you way ahead of most games!

I've looked at your community a few times and finally decided to join... because a little extra motivation is always a good thing!

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LOL Thanks man!

Awesome to hear...Yeah we're a tight little group, but very passionate!

Nice to see LEO added to your goals. I feel like you about LEO. When I got the first airdrop, I was like oh one more of these coins... Now I wish I had kept them LOL. Thanks a lot for the mention :-)

Oh I kept them, just needed to figure out my voice there :)

You should achieve the 10 000 before the end of the year. You know how to grow so just do your thing. Consistency is so under rated and what works along with some good old engagement.

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Absolutely...Completely agree. It's like the secret to basically everything in life.

That is great achievement. That is very difficult for me

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Hello, I'm new at #hive and I need help. Everyone knows what it feels like to face something new, thanks already!

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It is aweaome... for sure you are gona crush it.... ctpsb is nice project and @achim03 is putting his best efforts... goal post are always inspiring to me....

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