#MyHiveGoals - Powered Up & Ready To Rock!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

What a time to be alive!!!!

The excitement on Hive can be contagious. Especially with all the amazing things happening inside of the @LeoFinance project!

This stuff catches on and everyone wants a piece of the pie....It's such a win for everyone here!

On top of that, we had the Hive Power Up Day last week as well...So that meant, a RECORD breaking amount of accounts powering up!

Let's dive in and see how this guys journey went over the past 7 days!

100,000 Hive Power


(Stats via HiveStats.io)

And another boost this week ;)

I can't help myself! When I see such cheap Hive, I need to splurge a little bit...And that's what happened for Hive Power Up Day! I saw some cheap Hive plus the chance to get a few badges thanks to @hivebuzz in the process...So...

100,000 - 81,889.327 = 18,110.68 left to go

Oh man oh man...This is getting exciting!

And it's only the beginning of October so I have almost 3 full months to reach my target.....

Fingers crossed!

25 Rewards Per Post

Hooray hooray!

We're up again this week....

19.747 rewards per post!

Like I keep saying, I'll take these small wins because that's exactly what it is...A win :)

Keep moving forward folks, this stuff starts to really snowball...


Even got a boost in curation rewards, even those my APR went down...

This is why the stats people get paid the big bucks, I can't figure it out at all LOL

10 Dolphins In The CTP Swarm

We're close!

Looks like @bradleyarrow will be the next Dolphin here in the tribe...And thanks to the latest update from @achim03.ctp you can see how close we are to that elusive 10th dolphin!

It's happening folks, and combined with the successful launch of the @ctpsb token and project, things are looking VERY promising here in the swarm.

Thank you all for making CTP such a passionate and thriving community on Hive!

Side Note: Just wanted to highlight something about thee posts I write every Saturday evening. The reason I do this, is to keep myself accountable. And it's a fantastic way to keep yourself on track as well...

Setting up goals and then 'putting them out there' for the community to see, helps you remained focused. It gives you something to shoot for and can really help you reach your targets.

Will I get to these 3 goals I have laid out before me? I will for sure...And I truly believe I will reach them because I keep them in front of me, every single day and week!

Try it out, you might be blown away at what you can achieve!!


Let's grow together!!!

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The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




Another +1400 HP in a week... You are getting closer and closer!

You got this one!

These are pretty inspirational posts. Trying to build up my account from now till the end of 2021. I haven't really set any goals other than add a little every HPUD and keep posting, commenting, and curating everyday!

Used LeoDex for the first time today, that was pretty impressive. Added some BEER and ENGAGE to my stakes.

Keep up the great work and the inspirational posts. You're proof it can be done! Cheers!

Thanks man.

Yeah slow and steady, showing up everyday and being stubborn....Has worked so far LOL

Nice, sounds like a good strategy to me... I'm going to try and emulate it!

Go Bills!

6k hive per month for the next 3 months, DO IT JONGO~

Send me some??? lolol



You will get there Jon I am saying Mid Nov. and you will make it.

LOL Hope so, thanks man!!

Thanks for the mention 😁 will blog about adding Hive today. How and why tomorrow morning.

Yessir, keep going man, you are almost there!

Wow 1400 HP in a week Jon, that is awesome, keep running towards 200k and you will hit 100k without slowing down.