The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - What's Your Focus?

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The bullrun is here!

Bitcoin is soaring...While most of the alts are just...There.

And if you are looking at the price...You ignored the past 3 years since the last run...

The difference is...What's being built!

And we're all building some amazing things here on Hive!!!

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My next goal is 80K CTP Power until the end of the year!
So many and massive updates on HivePay! Very awesome job!
Can't wait to take a peek at people's stores so I can do SwarmShopping!!
CTP needs to grab BTC's tail so it can guide CTP to the moon too lol
We can dream big right? ;)
Thanks for the cool show!

LOL Yeah, as the Hive and Leo ships rise, so will CTP....Just need to get those hundreds of people in discord and telegram to take some action!

Wow Amazing. I just joined the CTP community, and It seems enthusiastic. I will be taking my first goal of 1000 CTP power.
A quick question, Can you please link to some some post explaining how CTP mining works?

Thank you so much and welcome aboard!
I believe there isn't a post I can recall about the miners.
But it's pretty much like the same says, "little guys" that mine CTP Tokens lol You need them staked so they can work. It is random like the way real-life mining is, you can either get rocks or diamonds. But the more miners you have more possibilities you have to get CTP Tokens. I can give you an idea from what I have: from 1000 CTP Miners I'm getting near to 1 mining reward per hour. But again, it's random. Hope this helps :)

Thanks for explaining that really helps.
I had 5 miners stake and got my first mining reward within first 24 hrs, so i bought 5 more miners and now staking 50 CTPM. Happy hunting :)

I picked up some nice bag of Miners.

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Great. I also bought a few of them and planning to buy more. Can you please link me to stuff explaining how CTP mining works?

Thanks so much! That is awesome!

We'll be working really hard over the next few months to get that CTP Price mooning :)

Just thinking about tier discount system for Hive pay.

50K CTP ,.25% fees
25K CTP .40% fees
10K CTP .45% fees

and we can just name these tiers like Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Now I like the way you are thinking....Great stuff, I'll share that with @blainjones

Nice one Jon and I couldn't agree more in what you said

The difference is...What's being built!

Quick question. Is there a FAQ i can take a look at regarding the CTP token? I would love to learn more about the token and what type of content you guys find valuable inside your community.

Well, I'd love to get involved!

Thanks man, your passion is what we are looking for. Even though CTP started as an entrepreneur / affiliate marketing based token, what we're really after is content where people share their passions...


At the moment my focus is to build my CTP stake (13K) and also to stabilize it's price :-). I'm very excited about all the projects that are on the way.

Let's go!!!!!

Yeah man, keep stacking and growing!

Thanks for a great video Jon, and it's fantastic to see all development take place, just what Hive needs, let's use this stuff.

Also just staked 2k more CTP, so still right on target for 80k by years end, keep up your great work.

Amazing man!

Great stuff!!

Slow and steady wins the race!

My main focus right now is curation, but I am trying to get myself motivated to post. I have a project I want to work on and post about.

Amazing work on

Thanks man, appreciate the kind words. It's a labor of love for sure LOL

Frankly, I haven't even been watching the price of BTC (or any other coin/token for that matter). The only time I notice the price of a coin is when I want to spend some and don't have enough, so I have to buy/trade for some more. Like you, for me it's all about accumulation and use case (which is generally reinvesting).

That's the trick...Head down and accumulate. I admit, when the news breaks that BTC is soaring, I smile...But other than that...Accumulate, buy, dollar cost average in.

Ok good and yes