It's Crypto Mondays - ETH at 3k!!

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Lots of awesome news to go over in today's episode of Crypto Mondays!

  • @clicktrackprofit 's Epic Referrer Badge from @peakd !
  • Super Secret Project 1.94 from the CTP tribe
  • The launch of @ctpchat
  • Ethereum blasts past 3k
  • The future of...Everything!

And so much more...I hope you enjoy the show :)

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The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell.

ETH reminds me of first-mover advantage in crypto.

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Really good way to frame it. I agree completely.

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If you are giving secret projects random numbers you should have give it the number 69, for the shits and giggles :P

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha Perfect!

I dropped by a bit but I probably won't be making any top level comments. I left a few opinions and comments. It will probably only be a few comments a day unless the @leomarkettalk is slow and I have time.

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Completely understandable. Appreciate the support regardless :)

Clearly, this is where the stuff is happening! Within the top 7! Congratulations!

@ctpchat ...Awesome idea!

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Not only thinking about the future but actually seeing where things are going, I am so grateful to be part of this community. Over and above the support from everybody, the information that you share and make available is absolutely great!

Thank you!

Thank you sir, yeah I think it's just starting to come together nicely. Right place, right time for sure!

Eth at 3k and they still haven't fixed their fees. I think it will fly when they finally get around to doing it.

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LOL Don't hold your breath LOL

Sucks because it's such an awesome platform to build on...but fees kill the user experience.

I hope the CTP is as successful as the Leo Talk has been! It really helps with engagement.

We just reached our ATH on the last post and we are all excited to break more records this month!

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Yeah I think it's a different beast too...CTP Chat is designed much more for almost a customer service tool for our members. We want to help them with all their questions and get them comfortable posting on chain daily.

I really like the ctpchat project. I think it's a great idea to try to bring the telegram conversations here and let the people see how suddenly they earn some money just for engaging!

Hope so...But I still woke up to 100 messages in Telegram and very few on Chat....It'll take some time LOL

Congrats on the CTPchat project. I stopped by today and it looks really alive!

Thank you sir. So far, so good...Got some ideas for it :)

The future of this currency is very bright and we are very optimistic