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RE: CTP Community is an Ideal Place for Testing Your Skills

in The CTP Swarm11 months ago

Dude, you are my hero! Not even trying to be funny...You completely embrace what we are trying to do with CTP...It's been an honor to watch you join and absolutely crush it with CTP!

Thank you for adding a ton of value to this community man!


Thank you for your kind words, Jon... I'm a far away from being hero... lol...
Appreciate your words and I hope someone will be triggered by this video and start with creating

I agree with Jon. Without your pushes and perfectly timed comments I would not have jumped back into this community. I have been doing marketing for over 10 years Start. Stop. Start.Stop.. over and over. I loved to write, HATE being on video. It was always the place I quit. Not this time. This group of people somehow have found the way to motivate me in a way no other has.

Thanks, Jenna. You are doing great on videos... You have "that something" which is important to have... and you show that in your videos... At least, I see it... :)

And your videos are better and better every time... I couldn't wait to see your videos in 3-4 months from now... Keep doing them!