Thursday Night Live - 5 Ways To Stick Out From The Crowd

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Tonight we discussed a topic that everyone will agree with, yet few want to take the action needed to master it...

Sticking out from the crowd!

How to be a 'Purple Cow' in the noise of social media and online business...Without coming off like a spammer and desperate sales person!

Easier said than done right?

Nope, we give 5 tips (plus a bonus tip) that you can use right now, to cut through the noise and make your brand stick out from the crowd.

Hope you enjoy the show :)

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thanks for sharing these 5 (+1) tips. I will try to start using them more in my endeavors going forward.

Glad you gave the show a watch, hope they work for you!

The quote of the day, "Be yourself". I also think people tracking their progress is nice as well. In fact, I think I have been documenting my experience a bit as well has been a good thing to post about.

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It helps people see your growth, but also...Keeps you on task lol

I liked the concept though I wish i will be able to see the video as it is not show on my own end.

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Check it out on, it might not play on POB

Okay, thank you.
I will check it out.

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Some very serious food for thought to pay serious attention to.

A good point you raised in this discussion that caught my attention is to share your personal story even where you are...right at the beginning of your journey.

One would think "who would want to listen to me while I am just a nobody", but it makes sense as Blane says people want to follow your story...from beginning to end!

This show was a great eye-opener, thank you!