The Road To 10k CTP - Focus On This...

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And ignore the noise!

And that's what YOU do each and every day.

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Don't worry about the noise. Worry about what YOU can control each and every day!

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Thanks for the post. Networking with others is important. I'll have to remember this when I start my podcast.

Re: Splinterlands, man I am not into this but I have surely thought about it. I love PC gaming, but I just can't get into splinterlands.

I barely play the game at all...But as for collecting the cards, I'm all in LOL

And completely on topic, I am getting closer to getting my podcast going. Not gonna wait until everything is perfect. I just need to get going with it.

You are a busy man Monday and Thursday, Wednesday with the road to 10k ctp tokens and 2 pod casts a week hard to keep up with them all. There is always noise every where you just need to ignore the noise and keep on building your business. Have a great week all

Gotta keep busy, lots of distractions out there....This keeps me focused lol

Hey thanks for posting that tribledex link. I had to get it back

Glad I could help out!

Yes but apparently you can only vote once lol

What I like about this community is that people are testing new stuff. I have never really listened to podcasts before you were doing your crypto maniac shows but now I see that as a means of content as well. Then you see people who go into creating tribes, tokens, nft's, defi, and you just learn along with them. It's maybe difficult to keep up with everything but it's a great school where we all learn together :-)

Agreed....People try new things out here all the time. I think that's a huge plus for a blockchain based community...We've GOT to test new things, as all this stuff is new.

Thanks for the post. Tryin to more and more about crypto and network marketing. Also try to use podcast.

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Glad you are enjoying it, thanks for stopping by!

I have never done a podcast before. I have been thinking a lot about it though. I am looking into ways to do a live stream also. Always more to learn

It's a great way to build an authoritative voice for your online businesses. I love it personally :)

Yes, anybody can listen to the noise... What we DO is what is important indeed.

I know what I am going to do, especially on Friday, is to listen to your podcast to get some much-needed information during your question and answer session!

Yeah this week's episode should be a lot of fun...Loads of questions from the tirbe!

That noise has been hard to ignore lately with the prices sitting where they have been. I understand what you are saying though. I just keep showing up each day (mostly) and doing my thing. I know it will pay off in the long run!

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That's the truth. I dont even bother paying attention to it, just keep my head down and grind every day!

I am learning so much from your podcast that I am now wondering if you could do them more often. The questions that ya'll have been addressing are ones that I have been wondering about for a while now. Thanks again for sharing all this information and taking care of this newbie.

I know Task could talk about crypto until he turns blue in the face LOL

I was on the previous blockchain and remember how hard it was to get whales to notice you in the comments, I feel like there were a lot more people active back then ( although I might be wrong). I also remember the drama with dlive and dtube. Unfortunately now I have even less time to watch videos and podcasts

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Yeah and when you got a whale vote back then, it made your month LOL

Well, watching this video has finally nudged me into looking up the CryptoManiacs podcast on LOL! Listening to the discussion of the SPK network and their desktop app right now. :)

Nice :) Glad to have you onboard man!!

Oh Wow! I am the first one to comment this week. I have to come up with more episodes for my podcast. Will be consuming more content to come up with ideas.

More content consumption = more content ideas ;)

Its weird to see you mention the word of the day multiple times in the video.

Also I don't know but most of the time, I prefer to watch or listen to things after the fact (such as the podcast) because I prefer 2x the speed. I guess it also saves time.

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I 2x the speed of things i'm reading too...Long story, but I actually like to listen to a book and read along at the same time...I'm a weird one.

As a dolphin on both Leo Finance and HIVE, folks may wish to know the secret of my success. It is because I recognize the skills of others and let them know it.

My secret to success? ENGAGEMENT which is just another name for networking. Now is the time for folks to get attention and grow. Whether it be through hosting a podcast, blogging in a niche community, or just commenting on posts that are interesting to us.

Chasing the current fad as we have seen over and over again is not the way to be successful. Many folks get rekt with that type of mentality. Looking to the long term possibilities of a project is where one will be ultimately successful.

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Great points sir. And yup, I agree...Engagement is the key to all here on the blockchain. The more we all do, the better it is for the entire community.

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