The Road To 10k CTP - Building Businesses On The Blockchain!

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The mission has been the same since day one for CTP....

Encourage entrepreneurs to build their businesses on the blockchain!

And that remains the goal!

With our new projects on the horizon we hope to do that even better than before.

And our community has been here with us, every step of the way.

We appreciate you, more than words can say!

THANK YOU for making CTP such an awesome place to call home!

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I love collecting various crypto tokens here on the Hive blockchain and then swapping them on Hive-Engine for CTP tokens or other tokens that are on my accumulate-hodl-and-stake list. I just popped over to Hive-Engine and bought myself around 70 CTP tokens.

Winner winner!

Yeah man, that's the goal for me too...Stack every day!

There might be a lot of red candles visible in the world of crypto at the moment, but anybody who paid attention to what you have been saying lately, about not trading with your emotions, to stay away from FOMO and FUD, will also realize why you don't look stressed about it. If we all do our due diligence before investing, life would not be so stressful after all.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, Jon. It is highly appreciated!

I sleep very well at night, and red, green...Doesn't bother me one bit :)

I'm in it for the tech LOLOL

I am really enjoying the CTP chat session and learning more and more about crypto each and everyday. I am just soaking in as much as I can.

I was LOL when you were trying to pronounce my handle. It is letters taken from my name: D from my first name (David) and armst from my last name (Armstrong). It was part of my email address at my first place of work back when my company only had a mainframe and no PCs. :-) Just call me David.

LOL Sorry man, I have a horrible time with usernames LOL

So glad to hear you are enjoying the journey :)

Another great week for new crypto coming out this week CL drop ship hit. So far lots of crypto are down so far for the week. A great time to stack some more. Thank you all for the congrats from last week in case I missed someone. Have a great week all

Hope Cub Life is a win, I'm on the fence right now with LBI cause I'm not totally sure I understand it all, but alas....I buy and hold. That's the mission.

I have unconcern about the red crypto markets this week.

I dropped by the CTPchat a few times and I saw quite a few new users. So its nice to see them continuing along and asking questions to clarify things that were confusing. I highly suggest people to send the newer people over to @ctpchat or @leomarkettalk so people can answer any questions they get.

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Yeah we're re-designing a lot of our training inside Start Earning Today, Hive Guide and Click Track Profit to point people to these 'forum' reddit type posts...Hopefully it helps people get a feel for the blockchain!

Yea it sure is weird how things tend to go out of date in a few months on the block chain.

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I'll just go to leave this here...
Wen Moon moon? 🤣🤣
The crypto that will give us private jets to visit each other!! lol
Been learning so much about this crazy world of crypto and I feel it's just the tip of the iceberg of what I know!
And there's no better place like Hive to learn :)

Welp....After today, the moon is still a ways away LOL

Keep on encouraging the CTP tribe Jon, you are doing a fantastic job with it.

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Appreciated :)

Just enjoying some crypto and !PIZZA and watching the video... you're early today.

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Yeah I got it done before midnight my time LOL

Small miracles lol



@jongolson! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @charcoalbuffet.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

I'm getting close to 20,000 CTP power. Time to accelerate! !BEER

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That is remarkable!

Very well done!

I'm enjoying Thursdays way more since you started the word of the day thing, I hope you're not doing it on other days as well and I've not noticed it :P . Anyway we had some strange developments in the crypto world today, I'm curios to hear what you think about Elon's decision

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LOL Yeah, just today...But you never know what we do in the live streams lol

Elon is hilarious. Saying Bitcoin uses too much energy, meanwhile this guy fires off 39449 rockets every week it seems which usually crash and burn.

You are doing a great job! I really need to go to the CTP site and catch up on my lessons.

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Appreciated sir, thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the shoutout, Jon! Now I want to do the same for my other list. That will take considerably longer to get done. I am learning about crypto little by little every day. There is so much to take in so I have to do it slowly. I just keep stacking as I earn.

That's the best part about this blockchain...You earn, while you learn ;)

Can't think of anywhere else we can do that without it costing money as well, @jongolson! Happy Sunday! 😀

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Appreciated sir, thank you!

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