The 'Ah Ha' Moment Is Coming For Content Creators

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We live in a crazy world right now when it comes to social media...

If you don't watch what you say, you may get banned. Comment on a topic people don't agree with, you are labeled a 'Boomer' or a 'Left Wing Lunatic'...

Still, entrepreneurs around the world still try to 'build their brands' on these traditional social media platforms.

For what reason....

Mainly, exposure. They have the most users, attention and eye balls...But also in certain situations, you get to 'share the wealth' in the form of becoming a partner and able to get a kick back from the profits they make....

Problem is...This is reserved for the 'social media elite' so unless you have 10,000 fans or followers, it's an uphill battle to say the least.

With all this in mind, I've been bugging a really good friend of mine over the past year or so when it comes to building content...

This is Scott!


He goes by @the-sports-nerd here on Hive!

Scott and I have been hanging out every Sunday for almost a decade now and co-hosting his 'Sports Nerds Talk Show' on social media.

He always posts his content to Twitter, Facebook and more recently Twitch...But hasn't regularly posted it to Hive.

I dragged him to Hive and he has started to embrace the experience, as his posts are starting to capture the attention of the sports communities here on Hive.

He just put this up in the CTP Discord group and I think it's a huge nugget for anyone....


Once you 'get it'...You'll be hooked!

You see, Scott is a good dude. Him and I (with the rest of our merry band of sports enthusiasts) love talking shop every Sunday night...

But we're no Jalen & Jacoby!

We're not featured on ESPN...And we're not breaking records when it comes to followers and fans on tradition social media...

But we love what we do!

So where's the nugget Jongo?

Why should we try to build our brand, and our shows audience ONLY on these traditional social media platforms when it can be so much easier to do it here on Hive?

The better strategy to me is this...

Build FIRST on Hive!

Here's why.....

  • First of all, you OWN your content! If anyone profits from it, you do! This is a given and one of the biggest benefits of decentralization. There are no gatekeepers...Just create, post and enjoy the process!

  • Next, you aren't going to be GREAT when you first start creating. You might actually suck at it. That's ok! Because building your craft here on the blockchain allows you to suck today, but GET BETTER every time you post content! It's like flipping the traditional social media experience.... Work on your craft now. Get better. And get supported throughout your journey!

  • You also have less competition...Go do a search on YouTube for post-NBA analysis, or Sunday night NFL rants and you'll see dozens if not hundreds of fans...All trying to grab your attention...On Hive, your passion...More than likely has few if any competing creators! You know how many people do a Sunday Night Sports Talk show on 3speak....1! And it's @the-sports-nerd

  • But here's the real win...You focus your content on the blockchain, and you start developing some raving fans and followers here...How much easier would it be to transition say YouTube with 10,000 followers already built up? That's the power and potential of Hive.

And it's not just the sports niche...

Instead of trying to build a massive following on Twitch....Why not focus on @vimm ?

Trying to break through the noise that is Medium? Don't bother.... Use @peakd exclusively!

Busting your tail to build a community fan page on Facebook? Why....We have communities RIGHT HERE on Hive!

To me, this is a no brainer...And something creators like Scott are starting to see!

Build here, focus here....The rest of the world will eventually catch up and catch on to how great Hive is!

Note: This beneficiary will be @the-sports-nerd because he was a good sport and let me pick on him a bit tonight ;) 25% of the author rewards will go to a random member of the CTP Tribe!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




And where would he be now if he was consistent in the past... Every time that we are bugging him to post more on Discord!

Throw a couple of posts during the week, audience will come for more... It's always like that... We love you @the-sports-nerd... That's why we are stubborn with bugging you.. :)

As we acknowledged many time... FB, Twitter, are tools for pull audience to the real stuff... And it is HIVE, that is our home!

Yup, every time I press 'tweet' or post on facebook...It's all to bring people here!

Zoltan bringing the tough love!! thanks man, Im old and stubborn, but I'm learning

Right that's terrific. So how does one become a content writer. then can people talk about things that need name make people feel uneasy but are a reality why is everything have to be positive sometimes it's important to talk about negative things

Being positive 100% of the time is very contagious and gets people to want to be around you more. That's my take on it at least :)

Content creator is as easy as posting on your blog regularly, improving your craft and engaging with the community :)

Well getting out of a bad situation would be positive. Wow you commented quick 😂😂

Its excellent to see Scotts post trending, really thought it was deserving and featured it on the Wheel post for that reason

Those that work everyday will get the results

Simple formula for sure!

Thanks for the comments sir!

This is exactly why I have been much more focused on decentralized platforms like Hive. :) Yes, I still use mainstream social media but less & less. It doesn't inspire me anymore, but HIVE definitely does.

When you are supported for creating your content & being able to express your own authenticity, it changes everything. The mindset shifts & I am so glad to see Scott (the-sports-nerd) on the way. His posts definitely are sparking interest now & it's only beginning! :)

Owning your work & getting paid to create content as you learn & grow in your journey truly is a no brainer for me & soon the masses will see that, too.

Cannot wait for the next Sports Nerds show & also continue to recognize the Raptors indefinitely ;) 💜

Oh it'll never stop!

Raptors for life :)

But it's football season now...So expect a lot of this!!!


Oh wow... thank you @jongolson, I am humbled by your praise, and I appreciate the kudos. I have been on a long journey, as you know, and I am still on that journey because I have only just scratched the surface of what I hope to be a success on #Hive and today was a wake-up call as to how successful I can be. The continuing journey is going to be fun. Thanks for using me as your "guinea pig"

ha, man that comment you made inspired the post. glad you are jumping onto Hive big time now!

get the rest of the nerds over though, that's our next mission lol

Starting to work it all out mate, i think i am going to prefer your approach of building here first, trying to talk my own community members around as well hopefully they will see the value in it too soon, i think they are all a little worried of the unknown which is funny to me them all being marketers lol.

Awesome to hear man...Yeah I mean, this place can be confusing at first, but I think a great way to frame it is...Take away the blockchain and crypto stuff...And let people know it's a new social network to build a brand in...

The crypto is the bonus :)

Yeah i been telling them its new social media with extras and that i will help them navigate it and support their posts so we will see guess sometimes we have to be the testers for others to see before they jump in, it's OK i don't mind.

No matter how narrow your niche is, you will find your audience. I am passionate about martial arts. I make content about it consistently. I'm not saying I'm getting huge HIVE rewards on my post, but this is something I like a lot. It keeps me going. I also get support from SportsTallkSocial. If you want to talk about sports, that's the place.

Glad to know @the-sports-nerd is doing very well. :)

I agree....We aren't getting rich from these posts (yet lol) but the real reward is how much fun we are having in the process.

Thanks for showing us this interesting example of a successfull Hive "conversion".
I would point another aspect why people should prioritize Hive over traditional social media. Only on Hive you can reward people for actually interacting with your posts! This is pretty powerful in my eyes.

So true...It's like this secret that only people that use Hive know about lol

What Jon said. I am a 100 percent believer in every thing he said. Work it people work it.

thank you sir!

I only say it because it is true 😜

The secret is right in front of you!
No schemes , no magic..
Just hard work!
Takes time and effort, but it's so rewarding!
When people get it, oh boy, the possibilities!

And I think it's just a much better investment of your time...Why give all that content to Zuckerberg...He's already rich LOL

I really like the fact that my comments and posts cannot be censored or deleted and that you get paid to create content.

Yessir, no matter what the topic....You cannot be censored here!

Welcome @the-sports-nerd .

I read his post when russel referred to his post but my limited sports knowledge prevented me to comment on it.

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