The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Showing Up Everyday Is A Good Game Plan!

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Had to take a little trip to Lbry today as 3speak is still playing catch up after the hard fork...

Happy Hard Fork Day!!

Hope you guys enjoy the video...


And oh yeah, subscribe to my LBRY channel...I'll put content up regularly there, I swear...Maybe LOL



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I believe one of the best examples of this is myself! I show up every day, I create and curate every day, I do my very best to help everyone, I step out of my comfort zone by bits every day, and look at me now today! May sound narcissistic saying all this but I'm damn proud of myself lol
And watching others do the same feels so good!
Can only wish for more people to join us!
Rocks and forks on the road will come and go, but those are the ones that make you a better you!
Nothing better than Dory to give us the best life lesson:
"Just keep swimming" :)
Thank you for keeping the Road to 10K on and happy HardFork!

It's a tough sell....People 'know' they need to show up and take action...But most do not.

Which is a blessing and a curse for those of us each day.

Showing up every day is a "secret" formula for everything... not just for success here on the platform, or in affiliate marketing... I didn't do a blog post yesterday, for the first time in I don't know how long time... and it hurt me inside... lol... :)

The important thing is that Hard Fork is behind us, so I hope that we have a quiet period reserved for building!

Yup, focus on the build...Everything else is just noise!!

It is nice to see that you are able to get this video out in the middle of the HF.
As for a small report on myself I am not doing to much blogging right now exept the weekly TOP 100 posts I have.
But I am still earning quite good as I have my dCity game earning around 3 hive a day now in SIM tokens. Then I am getting a little from Splinterlands.
My main investment the CTPSB is growing every day and if the projection keeps up I might be looking at a 40 - 50% APR on that, that is crazy.
Not to forget the SUGR I am getting is also helping a lot.
And then ofcourse I am earning a little CTP,LEO and Hive on my posts.
So I'll just keep trucking on.

Yessir, just being active and out there is great....But getting those passive incomes coming in...That's always been my goal :)

Yes showing up everyday is one of the main keys. Even if you do not blog curating every day will get you ahead, better if you do blog it will make getting ahead faster. Great to see the ctp token go up in price. The hard fork as normal has been a snafu but that is t be expected., give it another day at it should work out . Have not been around much today as we are expecting our first winter storm starting Friday threw the weekend so I have been out stocking up just in case. Have a great week all.

Can't wait for things to settle back down and get back to normal so we can see this token and community continue to shine!

Almost near to 7500 CTP by posting and interacting In CTP community.
Will be hopefully have new goal in new year.(I hope 10K will be done in this year.)

That is awesome!

Massive congrats to you for that...Keep crushing it :)

Absolutely @jongolson got to be in it to win it, so showing up is a good start lol have the best day bro

Yessir, thanks for the comments....You too!

ooof don't get me all hyped for $8 hive, man. I might just explode.

The dream is alive!!!!

The dream is aHIVE

I think all of us agree that showing up is one of the most important things we can do; after that comes the work. Providing true value is the next component in the road to success. Quality is key and doesn't just come in content creation, but also in engaging & leave valuable comments. Even on my slower days on the blockchain, I still do these things & keep pushing on... :)

I am reevaluating my goals tonight since it's always good to refresh from time to time. I made it a goal to reach 100K CTP tokens by the end of the year, Orca by the end of June 2021 & other token goals such as LEO, etc. This always gets my excitement going again as I have newer things to work for....

I will be glad when we can get through the HF hasn't been as bad compared to other ones but having less issues with nodes and posting will help, especially if we want to continue to onboard new Hive owners....despite all that craziness, we are still making leaps & bounds in our community & keep steering the course! :) Besides, we need to keep you dancing he he. ;) 💚

ha ha ha big facts!

The dancing cannot stop!

Thanks for all you do Jenn, I have no doubt in my mind you'll reach your goals!

Sometimes I need a good kick in the butt. Showing up everyday is key. Appreciate this video! 💛

Fo' sho'!!!!

It really makes all the difference :)