Thursday Night Live - The Gut Check!

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As I can see, it was an interesting live webinar... Don't know how many attendees were present, but I saw 4-5 people commenting... And usually, people that are engaging aren't those for whom is a message sent...

Anyways, I understand that people need some push, some motivation, and that's OK... and I try to help with engagement on a post, commenting... But, that can't last forever... Nor you or I can do someone else work, and we can't push some people forever... That's time exhausting not just for others, but for the person who wants to help...

It's on everyone to make an ACTION, and when I saw that kind of behavior, I will happily jump in and help... But, I will try to keep myself from time-wasters... Sorry, but it's like that...

Keeping FOCUS on people that DO is much better than trying to "convince" people that doesn't...

And you did a great job with this webinar... Cheers!

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Pretty decent turn out, think there was around 20 people on the live stream but yeah, only a handful commenting and engaging...We need to spice that up!

Thanks man, appreciate the comments!

Very good video. I believe that not everybody realises what it means to be entrepreneur... You need a special kind of mentality and mindset to be an entrepreneur. The most important aspect of it, you are your own boss and you have to push yourself every day to get things going. I've been my own boss for 10 years offline and online and it's not always easy. If you want things to move, you are the one who has to make it happen!

We're just wired differently man lol

Bust out butts for the opportunity, not the guarantee...And I wouldn't change a thing :)

Wow, what a webinar! I felt your passion in this one, for sure (well, even more so lol). Thank you for the kind mentions along with the other amazing members...:)

Yes, it ALWAYS starts with the people themselves taking charge of their own destinies & putting in the work & efforts...I realize "work" is a four letter word, but there is no way around it....

Unfortunately, the ones showing up only to get rewards & "rah rah" to sound good, who then disappear into the woodwork again, have not grasped the true meaning of this concept or the meaning of the journey. I do hope some will see that eventually, but now, I focus on the ones who DO want to put in that effort & DO show up....

We can spend a lifetime trying to get the ones to do something when we know they won't....not trying to sound mean, because it's not intended that way, but now I have changed direction & will focus on the "I will" instead of the "I won't"...

Thank you for your passion & care with our community. I know the ones who DO choose to say "YES" will win, even with obstacles & fails along the way...I have faith! :) 💚

Everyone can come up with a million excuse why they can't do something....Entrepreneurship is about finding that one reason why you can't STOP :)