It's Crypto Mondays - Proof Of Passive Income With Crypto!

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I had a heck of a weekend....

On Friday my wife's dog passed away suddenly and as you could imagine, she was pretty devastated.

If that wasn't bad enough, she had no time to grieve because we were busy getting the family ready for a cross country trip for them to see her family too on the other side of Canada....

Just a crazy weekend....And I didn't get much in the way of 'work' done on the blockchain and with my crypto projects...

But guess what....The actions I've been taking for the past few years...made this weekend, a win in my crypto journey!

On Hive.....On CUB Finance....Win, win win!!!

So the nugget for me was.....Stay the course and BUILD this stuff now....Because life happens, and when it does it'll be nice to have something solid to lean on!

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Sorry for the dog @jongolson. My condolences!

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Thanks, always a rough thing to go through!

Aww, sad about your wife's dog. 😢But on a positive side, at crypto investments are working well. Congrats.

Yeah for sure...Always good to have these things working for us, when we can't work.

I agree that there are so many short-sighted people pursuing short-term gains. I prefer to invest and HODL crypto since its so volatile so relying on fundamentals sounds better to me.

I also don't mind since there will be more bull runs in the future and I don't see HIVE disappearing. At worst if opinions differ too much, there might be a fork but it means I can slowly stack my bags for the next run.

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Yeah there are just too many amazing things happening on Hive for it to go anywhere....Happy stacking ;)

Anyway, as you said, life happens. On that thought, crypto has given us the opportunity to build several passive income streams which can help us while we are dealing with life, relationships, work etc.

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It's mind blowing to me, how things just keep getting better and better!

2021 is a big year for crypto and a big year for us!

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Sorry to hear about the dog, man! That is really something horrible to go through. I know every time something like that has happened to us, you promise yourself to never get another dog because you definitely don't want to experience that again. just go and get another one because you love them so much!

But it's awesome to hear about your passive income experience though.

Yes, I do agree, patience, perseverance, and time are crucial elements.

By the end of this month, I will celebrate 1 year here on Hive. I think this year was just digging the work starts. I will now enter my 5-year plan...

We are still so early in the game. By the time the masses come, we'll be collecting those sweet dividends.

Oh wow, is that ever the truth. So early!

Sorry to hear about your dog and being away from your family. I know these situations. My wife comes from another country and sometimes when she goes to visit her family, I find myself alone and emotionally charged :-). The positive side is that I always have a lot of time to do stuff lol

Really rough....And it's only been. 24 hours since they left. Going to be a long long time apart.

Sorry to hear about the tribulations from the weekend. Hope everyone takes the time they need to get through.

As for the income streams, that's the power that crypto has to develop these cash flows that grow over time. It's very easy to get sucked in to the hype because the headlines of crazy amounts of money are like a poison arrow straight to the greed trait and it's a dangerous game.

By taking little steps over the course of at least a year, then you will start to see the power of compounding first hand. Set the foundations now and build for the future!

I love it...Just flipping crypto for crypto here in the Hive eco system...And it's all just compounding perfectly!

Boom! Love it!

"make money while you drive" - new concept! Well done, I'm very proud of you, Jongo. You've come a long way since 2017 and Steemsavvy :)

ha ha ha ha Oh Steemsavvy!!!

Steem Jongo had big dreams!

Mammoth dreams LOL

Love it, Passive income is really possible with Cryptocurrency and I believe more so than any other type of passive income right now. While it's not fully passive you still have to put in some work and $ it's for sure a lot less than working your butt off day in and day out.

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Yeah man...Crazy to think where this stuff will be in a few years from now. How its all feeding each other and building nicely. I love it.

sorry to hear about the doggo but that the beauty of passive income, it lest you be free to deal will life, which inevitably happens

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Appreciated :)

Just unexpected. Dog was healthy the day before and then just poof.

That is too bad. My condolences to your family. Losing a pet is just about the hardest. My dog is getting up there and I am dreading the day... I am glad that your investments are paying off for you! That is the dream right!

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SO true. I lost my dog a few years ago. hardest thing I ever went through. I just felt for my wife this weekend...So tough.

Oh man, emotional roller coasters are not good, but... they happen. At least that's a perfect example of passive income in action and its power.

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Crazy weekend. But we all got through it. Moving forward, no time to go backwards :)