The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - 2021 Goals are to STACK!

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The new year is quickly approaching and with it comes...The resolutions!

I'm just praying it's better than 2020...What a mess huh?

But crypto has itself a YEAR! So what will that bring for us here at CTP?

Nothing changes!

We hold. We stack. We build!

That's our game plan...No resolution needed :)

What about you?

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I normally watch your video hours after you post it but either I'm listening on the go or a little toddler distracts me and ended up only replying pretty much right on the next show lol
Already writing down my goals for next year, might be ambitious but at least I can say I tried later on! Let's say I got a couple of new hashtags besides #myhivegoals ;)
The idea is the same, track and write down everything and keep growing as much as I can!
It will be risky to say that 2021 will be better, but I'll take that risk, it's a sign that I'm alive!
Thank you for the adventures, on to new ones!!

It really works, or gets you SUPER CLOSER than you were lol

Write it all down!

I think the key to 2021 is going to be getting more crypto ! Stacking the good ones as much as possible. The index token should have a great year as more and more folks learn about it. I hope things are better next year in the world and we can get rid of the virus and get back to normal life. Merry Christmas to one and all have fun and be safe!

Had a little dip over the past week and a bit...I ended up grabbing more INDEX lol

What can I say...I like to be a product of my product!!!

Thanks, Jon. I have really fixed milestone on my mind. I created my milestone post on 2500, 5000, 7500 ,9000 and 10000. So finding these post really give me idea.(Though I do not post them weekly.)

Never powering down so it is always increase. May be I put my next milestone post on 15000 and able to track how I am going.

That's really the best way to do it!

You'll be blown away at how you start reaching a new goal quicker than you thought possible!

@jongolson Yup it was me on discord yesterday night and I have DM'ed you today too about INDEX .

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Awesome, thanks very much...Checking out the post now!

I've actually set my goals for 2021 and I want to reach 30'000 CTP tokens (15'000 so far). I really like this idea of setting goals. It's one thing to reach them but it's even more important to see the progress you are making.

Oh I have no doubt in my mind that you'll reach them!

But that's exactly it....YOu start seeing where you were and how far you've reached!

i hope 2021 to bring a lot of new things to the CTP community and token! I may don't have the time to directly involve but my goal is to keep investing!

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Appreciate having ya'!

Hope you crush it in 2021 as well!

I am at a little bit over 1k and I intend to get to 10K as well, but I hope to do that in thresholds - 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 7k and 10k. CTP is growing and developing a healthy system around it so I hope to grow with it!

That's how to do it :)

Slow and steady growth...You'll be there before you know it!

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