The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Chips With The Dip?

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Disclaimer....I'm the world's worst investor!

But here's what I have learned over the past few years in crypto....Things go up, and they go down, they go up and they go down....

And anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you!

So for me, it's HOLD! It's stay the course! And it's big picture!

It's why the CTP Token has 90% of all of them staked...

It's why we aren't branding ourselves as experts in the industry of crypto investing...

It's why we think...Long term with everything. Which we hope trickles down to the entire community of CTP.

Stay the course.


Be part of something revolutionary :)

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We are certainly seeing increased activity from CTPTalk frontend .

Check this -


Last 30 days comments + posts made from CTPTalk frontend alone . From 20 last month this date , we are seeing 80 - 100 .


That is awesome...If we're seeing that on the current platform, just wait until the new one comes online :)

Exciting stuff!

Exactly . Already the site is seeing 100 + comments , the new site will no doubt boost this ( according to me ) atleast 3x . Can't wait for the new frontend to be here .

Hold! and buy! I am looking to get CTP tokens baby. However I have Buy orders that are not going through at Hive Engine. I think I am doing something wrong. Any assistance would be appreciated.

If you want to fill the orders immediately, make sure your price is slightly above the top sell order.

So for example,

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png

If I wanted to buy, say 100 CTP....the top price there for sells is 0.29833....I'd put in a buy order for a little bit more so 0.29836 and it'll go through immediately.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.

It saddens me when I see people sell because of the red dip. I feel like it's a step backwards for crypto and the grand vision as the market share seems to contract back to a few people. The more people that own these assets the better so HODL DANG IT!

Glad to see the community doing well though and that you instill holding and building. It might not be sexy but in 5 years it pays the bills and makes you that much more self sufficient. It's not an overnight game.

The good thing is that some of us (myself included) who had to sell at low prices due to financial reasons, are now buying back in and helping to support the higher crypto prices.

I've been buying HIVE over the last few weeks and converting much of it into LEO and other token miners. LEO, CTP, BRO, I've invested in them all. Build back better indeed! :)

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You'll get there! Stack what you can without hitting the pocket. Long term passive is critical. I earned thousands of LEO from miners I bought a long time ago and I'll be holding them forever honestly. I have no intention of ever selling miners.

That's it right there man....5 years from now, it could be a whole new game...Where getting 1 Hive a day, means a full days work LOL

I'm shooting for that...Nickel and diming when things go red in the market...Just kills the entire purpose of what we are trying to build here.

We're so lucky to be here, right now!

It has been an interesting week for sure with the dip some folks like myself think its time to stock up on more tokens, and some panic and want to sell. I say they need to hold there tokens as they will go back up in the long run, but if they still want to sell well there are lots of us buying for sure.

This next week is going to be interesting to see what happens. Have a great week all

Meh, it happens...You know as well as anyone, this market makes zero sense and people just get scared when they see red.

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Buy the dip... I just profited from the red markets to buy in and get closer to my hive and leo goals and of course.... of my ctp goals as well.18K CTP and increasing slow and steady.

Too funny, look at the markets today...Green everywhere....One day, people will learn to hold, and buy during the dips.

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Disclaimer....I'm the world's worst investor!

As @jacoalberts said... Thanks for the disclaimer... we will not listen to you at all :) :)

Maybe only when we buy Spliterlands packs... :)

LOL Still in awe that I got him last night...Got another Legendary version of him today too...Yodin is my homie!!!!

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Clearly, the disclaimer has been well!

One of the things I always encourage people to do — when the red dips hit — is shift their chart view to where they can see 3 months or even a year on their screen, rather than just today or this week. It's amazing how much the bumps smoothen out when you take the longer view! Suddenly that HUGE "off-a-cliff" dive becomes this leeetle dip over on the far right of a large upward trend.

really good point...pan out, and look at the big picture...great advice!

That's sure my plan when it comes to investing in crypto. I don't want to have to be paying attention to prices everyday. Stacking as much as I can and Holding makes the most sense to me.

It goes back to...If it makes sense, and the project is sound...Buy and hold..AND USE IT EVERYDAY ;)

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Good Morning, @jongolson! Right now I am focused on building my stake and getting to Dolphin status on Hive and to 50K staked CTP so I am not buying anything other than more tokens to stake.

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I recently saw diesel pools released for a few trading pairs and I know the reward system has not been announced yet. Since we don't exactly know how it will pay the LP providers, do you plan to create one if it? I think the idea of someone selling or buying a decent amount of token but not destroying the price is good but without fees, I don't know how the reward pool would work.

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Right now we're thinking of just doing a market maker...Would could get massively screwed with a diesel pool and without rewards....No real benefit for us only big risk.

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Too right, sea of red can scare the newest of investors - I think we've all experienced the FUD at some point but experience teaches and you start to think differently the longer you are in the market/investing for. Always long term though!

90% CTP staked is amazing! We're going to have to think of more ranks I think 😃

It always blows me away when I see how much CTP is staked. So cool :)

Yeah man, the longer you are in this market, the less you are worried about dips lol I enjoy them myself lol

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Disclaimer....I'm the world's worst investor!

Great advice from the "self-proclaimed" world's worst!

This is the one time where we can take those blinkers off for a moment, step back, and see the bigger picture! As you say, it goes up, it comes down, and it goes up again.

And as you say, if you take the time to look at the bigger picture, you'll see the "ups" and "downs" keep getting higher!

Patience (or the lack thereof) seems to be the biggest problem...

Yeah man, when you pull back and look at the markets, really any market over time...It's going up, especially crypto. Hold and buy, that's my only game plan lol

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Red in market help you to get more.
I am now closing towards 20K in CTP power including delegation let see how many day I will reach there.

That is awesome!

Massive congrats, I had no doubt in my mind that you would reach it!!

Think of the scene in "Braveheart" where Longshanks' cavalry is charging and Mel Gibson's crew is waiting, HODLing their long spears until just the right moment. Hold! Hold!

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ha ha ha ha ha now I wanna go watch Braveheart again...Epic movie, and fantastic scene

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That is a pretty crazy percentage. 90%! I almost didn't believe that when I read it the other day. That is really something to be proud of. Awesome stuff happening there!

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It's all be design and a whole lot of luck lol

Our members come into Hive and CTP and are taught to buy, hold and stake...And above that, earn by being active and engaging.

Need to keep pushing that message to them :)

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For sure, I always am impressed by an account that is powering up the majority of their stake. At least during the past three years of bear town!

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wow that is a lot for me, i almos have 1000 ctp staked i wana have 2000 to next month

That is awesome!

Good luck :)

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Just bought and staked a little more today. Now I'm a 'goal-setter' :)

Awesome stuff!!!

Congrats on hitting that milestone...And special thanks to @nickyhavey for the new names to the levels LOL

Haha, no worries - glad to add a bit of fun to the process as well! Think we can easily come up with more badges/ranks with the CTP community!

Bot for Hive-Engine tokens (Developing) - Bot para los token de Hive-Engine (En desarrollo)

Let's support this boy with this great project in development Venezuela

Thanks, I'll take a look.

I bought worker bee and now i am in a holding pattern.

I am just happy to HODL, I joined the previous incarnation when it was >$5. I stuck around for the community and CTP has been a big reason I am still here.

Always loved's my soccer club color! And also means sales shopping!
Sometimes I get the FOMO from Bitcoin because it's already so high but as soon as I see it in red even for a little I buy a few bucks of it every time I can!
Glad that I'm early in the game for HIVE and CTP!
My Road to 100K CTP is near - 88K!
And please go say that Blain is awesome because he's been working so hard to present us with the coolest frontend of all time!!
Just one more push :)

lol Blain for prez!!!!

88k, that is awesome :)


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