The Road To 10k CTP - Find Your Perfect Fit On The Blockchain!

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Just a quick note: I will be away for the next week or so, so there won't be a Road To 10k next week. But I'll answer everyone's questions when we fire it back up in a few weeks :)

And here we go.....

The hard fork is coming soon!

The excitement is in the air.

Plans are being built and executed.

Are you excited for the future here on the blockchain?

I know I am!!

And my favorite day of the week on Hive is always these sessions when I can touch base and engage with you guys on the Road To 10k.

Thank you for making this show so important to my journey :)

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no word of the day or did I miss it ? btw I'll be traveling as well next week :)

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I guess you fell asleep at the crucial moment!

I muss have gotten distracted :P anyway I wish everybody the best of luck with their ongoing project because I'll probably absent next week as well. Safe travels Johnno !

Im on this road with you brother

Have a safe drive back across Canada! There are so many interesting projects here on the Hive blockchain. I guess I will have to allocate some of My1440 to spending time digging deeper in to a couple of them.

Have a safe trip Jon, and thanks a lot for your great work with the CTP Swarm, and stay awesome.

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Have a safe drive. Take plenty of pictures if you can and share with us your journey. The projects can wait until you get back online since the hardfork will more than likely create a little havoc.

How was the experience the last time there was a hard fork on HIVE? I have noticed seeing a few issues on the LeoFinance front-end and people like amr or tech-support for Leo said it is node issues. I was wondering if the process starts getting played out this early even if it hasn't been announced yet.

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Wish you a very nice and safe journey accross the continent! This moving is probably one of the bigger projects this year ;-)

All the best for your move back west.

Thank you for your comments about how I'm boosting my FreeBitcoin satoshi earnings by investing in Fun tokens. Building up my FreeBitcoin account has become one of my most important projects this year! Over the last few days I've started to look out for price dips in Fun tokens (relative to BTC prices) and buy up a few Fun with my daily satoshi earnings in FreeBitcoin whenever the price dips below 52 satoshi per Fun. It is always fun to buy Fun!

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I do need to focus on my projects more, been lacking drive and focus. Finally busted out the laptop again earlier today and got back to it, want to finish up my hive post export tool then it's back to my startups main two projects. Thanks for inspiring me.

Hope you have a safe wonderful trip and will be looking forward to you adventures.

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