What's Your Passion....Is It Games?

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We talk about sharing your passion all the time inside of ClickTrackProfit and the CTP Swarm!

It's such an important part of the content creation journey, and for online entrepreneurs it's a way to tell the world...About your business!

But this blockchain is so powerful because we are never limited to sharing just our businesses...We can share our passions!

And folks, I think admitting it is the first step to recovery but I'm addicted to...

The games on the blockchain!

We are so lucky on Hive to have some of the coolest blockchain based games around...

I mean, it goes without saying that @Splinterlands is a mass success like nothing else seen online!

I love it :)

But that being said, I'm still a noob when it comes to it all...I've been lucky to have some awesome people inside of the CTP community 'teach me' how to play and earn the ropes but I'm still learning!

Today was the end of the season and with each season's end...We get our rewards!

Depending on where we finished over the past few weeks of gameplay, I got to the Silver League and got to open 12 loot chests...

Did I mention, I love sharing my passion?

I did on Twitter in the form of a recorded opening video and it's been getting a nice chunk of views already.

One small thing I can do, to help raise awareness about Splinterlands but also the blockchain!

Oh dCity!

And now for my latest obsession...

Most of you already know about the @dcitygame

This hyper-addictive little offering has been quite the smash hit for months now and only seems to be growing in popularity.

I dabbled in it but then my good friend @kevinli pulled me aside and asked me...

"Do you wanna learn how to crush it with this game?"

I agreed and because of him, yes I blame him 100% lol, I'm hooked!

dCITYioCity 1.png

I named my city @dcityexperiment and Kevin's suggestion to me was...Reinvest your SIM income into new buildings and eventually, you'll start building a nice little income from the game.

I started small but have recently spent some extra Ethereum and Litecoin I had stashed away into the game...It's awesome!

And the best part, once you have your city rocking, it's hands free...Unless of course you get robbed overnight, which I did, so I bought some more police stations LOL

Anyways, these are just 2 examples of the PASSION you can share on Hive.

With so many different games to try, it's exciting to think of where this blockchain will be in a year or two from now.

It's not only about creating content...Every now and again, it's about having a bit of fun too ;)



I love these two ones, and I haven't missed any single day of Splinterlands for more than two years! Each morning, the first thing to do is to go and get my quest for the day... 😇

That's a really good daily habit to get into. Great suggestion!

The Chronicles of a NoLifer is expanding to other NoLifers lol
I always loved games and to think you can eventually get some crypto with it? Oh yeah, sign me the freaking up!! lolol
With the @splinterlands I can quickly make a battle or two on the go which gives me fewer excuses not to play lol
@dcitygame I get it but sometimes I don't lol only +349 SIM at the moment still a long way for me, but slow and steady!
My jam at the moment is @risingstargame! Getting nice chunks of Starbits every day!
Intervention? lol

I really should jump back in...I played it a bunch a few months ago and then have been lazy since lol

Splinterlands is awesome and I am playing the game from more then two years and the current evaluation of my collection is more than the Hive jn my account...
Dcity is another game I started recently and to be true I just buy some building and other stuff and just it and niw getting some SIM daily...
Other them above game I would like to mention the @risingstargame , @holibread and @cryptobrewmaster also...

Yeah i started playing Rising Star a few months ago...Kinda stopped but should really dive back in :)

Yes there are some great games on Hive. I have not tried Splinterlands yet planning on it when I have some spare cash. One of the games I like is Rising star it is a fun game. The other one I am still playing is Drug Wars as well, neither takes to much time but is a great break from working and clears the mind.

Drug Wars...Wow there's a blast from the past...lol

Splinterlands is cool, but there is a sizeable learning curve. But it's a ton of fun once you figure it out.

We share the passion for blockchain games, I am also hooked with @dcitygame and recently started with the game @rabona, I think I will have to borrow from #dcitygame to pay my payroll of #rabona players, you know bad management hahaha. But I'm really enjoying the games. Greetings to comrade @ericburgoyne I'm also in Drug Wars. Good article brother greetings.

Thanks very much for the comments...Yeah I messed with Rabona when it started. Really cool concept, I should dive back in, because I'm still getting rewards at the end of the seasons LOL

Thank you greetings back at ya

Ok you got me convinced to build a city myself LOL. I've started to purchase some cards with the SIM I get from all these tokens. Honestly so far I don't know how to begin. That's my city so far. Any suggestions ;-)?


Definitely get some more sim income buildings. The main aim is to make sure your buildings are always activated. For them to be active you need to make sure you have enough "workers" aka population.

Definitely join the @dcitygame discord as well. You can get a lot of people pitching in to tell you how to further improve your city.

Thanks a lot for the tips. Workers need to be bought or do they come by themselves? EDIT: Just found out on discord LOL

The legend has replied, I literally just do what he tells me LOL

Look up some sample cities of @luca-legend so you can have a good start.
at start go for market and maximize income.

Thanks for the tip. Will have a look at it :-)

So what were the secrets @kevinli told you about dCity? Only that you should reinvest your SIM into more buildings for compounding? Anything else? I see that he has now one of the largest SIM productions in the game with over 100k SIM per day - which is incredibly. On the other hand, that is more SIM per day than there is demand on the market for it. The depth of people buying SIM is pretty low. What is he doing with all of that SIM?

Manually curated by @flauwy

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There's quite a bit you can do with the sim actually. Holding a lot gives you governance power to help elect a president and other factors like how much hive some people can get or if certain buildings can get more income or not.

There's now hive rewards for just holding more than 8k sim. And the volume is actually a lot higher than most people think. It's 2nd on hive engine and the reward pool has been at an all time high for more than a week and keeps growing. 5000 USD traded for DEC, 1900 USD traded for sim. But sim has been hovering around the peg price of 0.005 for well over a month now.

People are starting to see what I saw in the game when I properly looked into it. And the game goes deep. It pairs perfectly with the Leofinance crew and people who enjoy mathematics and more passive income that somedays you may only need to play the game for a few minutes. I'd love to help you understand it more if you like @flauwy . Feel free to find on the dcity discord :)

Catch ya

I've been reinvesting and buying more buildings.

And the more of it you hold, the more Hive you get too every day.

Loving it so far :)

I focussed on creating content, and that's it. Splinterlands does wonder. I'm not on Splinterlands. I thought I've got to know what's going on NFTs and games. So I got into dCity six months ago. I really enjoy it. That's my favorite game.

It's awesome...The learning curve is high on both games, compared to something like Rising Star...But once you get it, you are hooked.

Games! Gamification when done right and seriously ramp any business up to new highs. I see no reason why Crypto wouldn't take over this area. In fact I see gaming growing by leaps and bounds over the next few years and I'm not talking about that trash that comes out of these gaming companies anymore I'm talking about browser based time suck games and collecting digital items.

Everything is moving digital and 2020 just seriously speed that up.

Congrats on silver! I ended up nailing diamond 1 but not all that great of a pull sadly :(

dcity it looks like you're a little over 4,000 sim a day?
I just started about a week ago and pushing 400 but I see myself putting in some serious investment the rest of this year to tip that over the edge to start claiming more cards each day. How long have you been at it?

Thanks man, and I completely agree! I sit there almost daily and look at my Splinterland cards...I don't have a huge collection but the digital items to me, are so cool!

Yeah I saw your post today lol That sucks about the pulls...Especially reaching that high a league. Hope you would have gotten some legendaries in there at least.

Yeah around 4700 SIM per day right now. I lost some because of that bank robbery LOL So ended up buying more police stations.

I got into it months and months ago, almost at launch...But never really did anything until @kevinli slapped me and said...This is a fantastic opportunity.

That new city I have started in October. So been a few months just buying cards and growing it.

I got nailed with a casino robbery a few days ago that -400sim hurt bad lol
4,700 sim daily is good!!! nearly 6 cards each day.

Are you picking up any land over in Splinterlands?

I bought a couple of PLOT tokens, but haven't really dove into the land thing...Seems to sell out before I can even figure it out LOL

I love playing this game except I don't quite understand it yet. But I'm slowly learning and growing and besides I'm earning a small amounr of tokens everyday and that's the other part I like for all the games I play on the blockchain!

I have been more of a gaming guy. I was in splinterlands a lot but now no time to play but I'm do keeping an eye on my city and updates it once or twice a week. Gaming is fun...