Thursday Night Live - Immediate Returns vs. Planting Seeds

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We were EXTRA fired up tonight :)

In this week's webinar, we went over an answer to a question posed by @robwillmann inside of our Telegram group:

'Why should we spend the time developing our content marketing strategies when most people want instant gratification and returns....?"

To use, the answer is in...

Long term SEED planting in the form of blog posts, and content marketing!

And the perfect place to do that is on Hive and

We discuss that and so much more in this week's episode of Thursday Night Live!

Can we get immediate returns PLUS plant the seeds?

=> https://StartEarning.Today

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I really enjoyed watching this one guys. Long term strategy is always hard. But this community makes it easier and way more fun.

appreciate it man. thanks for watching :)

yeah it’s really easy to say to someone ‘have long term goals’ much harder to stay the course.

Thanks for the shoutout, Jon. :) It was a great conversation in the channel. Enjoyed it.

Agreed. I was shocked there was actual marketing talk there LOLOL

Great show and advice Jon, yeah plantings seeds for the long term is also what will keep on getting you stable long term results that keeps accumulating over time.

And pretty buttons of course, stay awesome.

Ha ha ha Always have to have the pretty buttons!


Well, I'm certainly glad I popped by the live show to say hello! Thanks for the CTP Mining tokens!

When it comes to blogging, Lisa, I've never worried too much about SEO and keyword research.

Okay, so I have Yoast installed on my Wordpress blogs and I do a bit of keyword research on the lite version of Jaaxy that comes with my premium Wealthy Affiliate account, but I lead with content. I only spend a few minutes checking keywords to see if I can tweak my content.

I learned that lesson years ago when I started blogging about "Japanese mahjong" (which I used to play a lot) and started getting orders for mahjong sets before I was even aware that keyword research was a "thing".

I only learned about keyword research and SEO when I got into affiliate marketing and my impression was that many affiliate marketers were obsessed with keywords at the expense of content.

Also, a combination of Wordpress blogs, and CTPTalk gives you lots of opportunities to repurpose content. That's what I've slowly been doing with some Lego posts I made on one of my blog a few years ago - now I'm repurposing the content on the Hive Lego community and getting some nice upvotes for my efforts. :)

Great points man. Yeah I did the same thing in the industry I was in since 2001 lol I just started ....writing a blog.

Content was there every week, comments and engagement was high...And I was the number one search term for that industry for years. All because I concentrated on the content, and not how I'd rank.

Loved last night's Thursday Night Live Training! One of the things that keeps me from using my domain to blog is the stress around SEO. I love that I can come here to CTPtalk or PeakD or Hive and as long as I stay on topic for the community everything is good.

I know SEO is a big deal and people seem to drool over it...But at the end of the day, the best traffic you'll ever get is from the channels you control. For me, that's my blog and my mailing list.

Maybe I have headaches today because of watching this in live at 2 AM at night, but it was worth it... :)

Thanks for another great show!

Ha ha ha ha ha My bad man!

But thanks for burning the midnight oil with us. Enjoyed having you pop by!

I just love writing and posting. I haven't done much lately as I am swamped offline but should be slamming the keyboard hard starting in the next couple of weeks.

LOL Nice, slamming the keyboard!

Yeah man, I hear you. I love it too. It's my vital function for sure :)