It's Crypto Mondays - Are You Ready For #HiveChat ?

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Are you ready for some....

#HiveChat ???

Tonight we talked @ctpsb and the EPIC project that the CTP Tribe has been developing!

The Hive Guide - One Week Later...Check it out here:


We also talked UniSwap (of course) and ended the show with....

And invitation to join yours truly on Tuesday at 12noon GMT for...

#HiveChat - CTP Tribe Style :)

This post will send 25% of the author rewards to @ctpsb because OUR COMMUNITY ROCKS!!!!!

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Great show and great dance ;-). Thanks a lot for the amazing shout out for the @ctpsb project!

Yessir, I think it's just beginning!

Ok... I see there were a lot of raging on the show... and just a few things... That will break @blainjones's heart (that was not my intention....) :D 🤣

Don't want to be party-breaker, but... hivestats counts ROI by dividing HP with earned curation rewards... and when you delegate HP, it shows bad ROI... so don't get too excited with 17% :) The "real" picture is when 1 week pass from your last delegation (IN or OUT)...

I have no idea what are you talking about the CTP Richlist... I woke up and staked my earned tokens... and saw this

Have nice day! :) See you all at #HiveChat!

ha ha ha ha the competition is heating up!!!!

Zoltan is accumulating fast.

Unfortunately, I was not there. Next week, I will try to come

No worries, we'll be there when you can attend :)

Great show guys. Thanks again!

Thanks Jangle, appreciate the kind words!