Thursday Night Live - The Uncomfortable Talk!

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Tonight we shook things up a bit...

On multiple fronts!

We dove into excuses people usually come up with for not creating content and building their brand online. After that, we presented a few reasons why it's critical to show up every day and create...

'Snackable content'

And then we announced a big one....

For all our future live streams, we'll be going 'blockchain only'. We figured if we're goign to talka botu all the amazing apps on Hive, we need to be using them...Exclusively!

So for Crypto Mondays and now Thursday Night Live...We'll be on @Vimm and telling everyone in CTP to get off Facebook and Twitter ;)

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Just wondering what sites do you generally use to repurpose content? Right now I am only using Publish0x and Hive.

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One thing you can do is to change the form of the content, so if it's written content you want to repurpose you could turn it into video content for example, and post it on YouTube, DTube, and all the rest of the video platforms out there.

I'll make one blog post on Hive. It might turn into a video on 3speak. A few pieces of social media content on Twitter or Facebook. A live stream on Vimm turns into a recorded video on 3speak as well.

So many ways to use one piece of content and turn it into many.

Not sure if turning your backs on traditional social media is the best move from the perspective of promoting your content, but if it works out then more power to you :)

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Oh never going to stop using them, they pull people to our brands...But just going to push or recommend people start using Vimm more for our live streams, to engage there.

Oh I see, that's perfect then :)

Blain has a point, when you post on too many different platforms, it gets difficult to keep track. I'd suggest to concentrate on one,two channels and engage as much as possible there.

Yeah I am not everywhere...That's for sure. I know TikTok is the darling these days, but I'll stick to Twitter and Hive based platforms LOL