Thursday Night Live - The Culture of Average!

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He took a little hiatus, but he's back on the clock!!

Tonight @blainjones joined the show for an in depth look at...

The culture of being 'average' in business!

And how to get away from that kind of mentality to building online businesses.

The trick to sticking out from the crowd, might not be as easy as some claim...

But if you do....Oh wow!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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It's very hard to stand out for the right reasons and many try to be controversial instead, fortunately I haven't seen characters of that sort on Leo Finance so far

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LOL Ya, I've seen people set themselves on fire to get views...Crazy.

Nice to see Blain back in the show!

I totally agree on this culture of average... It's like when people say this is not normal... meaning this is not what everybody else is doing. Sometimes that's exactly what we have to do!

Yup, just do things a little bit different than most. Good things happen!

I guess you managed to repurpose that live stream.

But yes, sometimes you have to use money to earn money. You just need to think about whether or not it will get you enough back over time.

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That's the 'bet' a lot of entrepreneurs have trouble with. Will they 'get paid' for investing their time.

Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!