The Road To 10K CTP Tokens - Have Fun! Stack Crypto! Engage!

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Last week's session was awesome!

And judging from the comments, you guys are big on having fun on your journey :)

I couldn't agree more!

That's what makes this blockchain so enjoyable...The amazing people, the engagement, the opportunity...but also what you can achieve just by...Having fun!

Hope you enjoy the show....And today's extra special 'word of the day'!

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It’s really cool to hear you read out my comment, makes for an interesting video.

My goal is 100k hive, so I want to congratulate Eric for hitting his 5k and encourage all to do the same.

By the way my username is an abbreviation for “CounterPunch” I am sure you can highlight that.

Looking forward to the next one.

Ahhhhh that makes sense...Thanks for clarifying it for me!

Congratulations, @ericburgoyne for reaching 5K Hive Power! Amazing milestone! So enjoy seeing all the wins in this community!

They keep coming, day after day the longer we show up :)

Yeah and this is the only place that showing up consistently has ever been beneficial, @jongolson! 😀

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you Lisa

Good Morning, @ericburgoyne! You're very welcome! Have a great and productive week! 😀

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I think we need to engage with users outside of Hive as well because so many people haven't heard of this fantastic blockchain.

Congratulations, Eric on hitting 5k! You're officially a dolphin now :)

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That's really the goal of CTP, to bridge that gap and bring people from outside of Hive here.

So far, so good :)

Thank you

Congratulations @ericburgoyne for reaching 5K Hive Power. You need only about 250 HP more to be an official dolphin ;-). I just realised that you were not in the ctp swarm ranking... I'll need to change that when I make the next update:-)

Thank you on both! The 5 k was a personal goal I work on them more than I do set levels but I will get there as well

Yeah the powers that be on Hive really didn't think that out...LOL

Why not make it an even 5k, I know it's vests amount but still lol

Congratulations to @ericburgoyne for reaching 5K Hive Power. That is awesome. every time I see someone hitting a huge milestone such as this, It motivates me to keep on keeping on as well!

Well done, Eric!

I am actually going to stake my liquid CTP right now which will take me to just over 3400 CTP staked.

I've known Eric for years, and I know he's happy as heck at this milestone...Had to shout him out and hopefully it inspires more people :)

Well, I think that was a very nice gesture of you to shout him out and I'm sure it will inspire more people!

You just got to keep stacking. I think I was talking about reaching 100 CTP a few months back but I am already getting close to 800. At this rate, 10k CTP might take me another year or two.

Congratulations to Eric on hitting 5k HP. Its a great goal and I hope to get there soon enough as well. But it may take a year or two.

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That is awesome, yeah it really does start to compound too, get easier the more you stack.

I love the year and multi year plans of accumulation...I'm on that exact same mindset!

It's a great milestone to get to 5,000 CTP by creating and curating content, so congratulations to @ericburgoyne for that achievement. Also, the second leg of the journey to 10,000 CTP will go more quickly thanks to the power of stacking and staking.

Not bad at all, I had being the broken record but if we can do it, anyone can do it :)

Dang! 5,000 Hive, not CTP! Apologies to @ericburgoyne for getting that wrong. 5k Hive is a massive achievement. I'm still on my way to 1k Hive.

wow lots of comments last week which is great to see. Hope that keeps up. As for the word of the day it would not be fair for me to answer lol. You need to watch to tape to see why. Have a great week all, and thanks Jon

Congrats man, pretty awesome achievement you hit this week!

Congrats Eric! Almost swimming with the Dolphins!!
I'll be there soon! Almost 1k away from the 5k HP!
It's amazing to see the snowball effect rolling quicker by the day!
As for CTP, welp, those 3 boys at the top are pretty stubborn for me to pass them lol
But not impossible ;)

The Hive blockchain rocks. I am really enjoying getting to be a part of this community.

BTW - Congratulations Eric for hitting 5K

Thank you

It truly is remarkable.

And the best part is...It's just getting started!

Sorry jon , haven't been able to comment here for a while .

Hope you are doing good . Wen new UI ? :p

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Ha ha ha ha Wen developer to help finish it LOL We're about 90% done, but that last 10 % we're stuck on and not sure how to fix it. We're looking at options to hire a third part to get it done.

I love this! If you don't enjoy what you are doing, it's not worth it! This month is my 1 year from leaving my 8 year job with Apple and being on my own! I hated doing what I was doing, and now, everyday is an adventure, lol! I wouldn't go back to save my life!

Dude, you worked at Apple?

I'm such a fan boy...I love being in business for myself, but Apple is tech crush LOLOL

Yep, 8 years I slaved for them, lol. It was a good company to work for, but they didn’t pay support near what they are worth. It’s the ‘Apple kool-aid’ that gets you at first, then you pee that out and it’s all vinegar, lol. It was just my time to do my own thing. Again, no regrets! They like to dangle things at you but keep you as a good little worker and let you bounce your head on a glass ceiling for years, lol. But I did learn a TON and had some really cool experiences, so there is that. And still have a bunch of tshirts, 😂

Firstly the mandatory: Congratulations Eric for the 5k HP :) Secondly I can't wait to to reach 5k myself so I can get my congratulations also :P

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Ha ha ha ha ha Patting ones self on the back...Is a must!

I learn from the best :)))

I stacked like 7 miners so far

Nice nice...A CTP token a day, keeps the doctors away :)

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