Thursday Night Live - There Will Be PDF's!

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The no excuse machine was in full power tonight!

One of our more 'heated' webinars but at the end of the day, we hope it helps people get better results for their online business!

And oh yeah...

There was PDF's:

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This is Awesome Thanks for the Info , I am going to work on this and see where I can cut out some expenses and help me in my online Budget.

Awesome bro, glad you enjoyed it!!

thank you Jon (@jongolson) for adding me as beneficiary of this post.

For sure man, thanks for being a huge part of CTP! Appreciate you!

I've started to audit myself and analysed all my expenses when I was at university because I didn't have much to live on and then managed to keep this habit throughout all my life. Today, I work much less than everybody else because I need much less to live than everybody else...

That's such a huge nugget man...I wish I learned that years ago LOLOL

Been ranting about the Lukes Alive for an age and an eon now, and glad to hear you have a rant about it as well.

It is infruriating and to be honest I dont even look at those posts/tweets any more. I only look at the challenges if they offer something of value in their post.

I Love having my Auto Responder and I dont know what I would do without split testing

the only thing people should be promoting is themselves through their Newsletter.

Having a budget is primary and am again so happy that I have allocated a budget for my business

Right from the get go I created a seperate entity fr my business and have stuck with that, a big mistake that some owners make, thats business owners not just site owners, is that they integrate their income into their peraonal accounts and then it goes pear shaped because there is no seperation

Great show

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah it's a tough one cause I don't wanna be 'that guy' harping on people and what they create but Day #9485904 of a challenge with nothing more than 'I did it' just needs to talked about.

Change things up, make it more exciting for your readers!

This show was needed. Thank you guys for your brutal honesty, always. The only people who get turned away from this are the ones who were not ready to hear the truth and that is on them, not you. Keep telling it like it is!

I always cringe when we talk about things like this...I know what happens when we say things that people don't wanna hear...But it's the truth and I hope folks take it as advice to grow!

Great show Jon, and a nice rant, I agree that the postings people make needs to improve, when I started hunting for Luke myself I wrote about my llist forst and then shared how each TE was with conversions, have not really had the time to do that myself in quite a while, so I will try to do that a few times per week and show how to do it and lead by example.

Read your post man...You aren't alone in that. I need to get more involved too and be a product of my product.

Thanks for all you do bro, you are so appreciated!

Thanks a lot Jon, and yeah I have actually expanded a bit on this with listbuilding, and my suggestion is that you get more tickets for the drawings by sharing about that.


It was glorious LOL

Oh trust me...I downloaded it :D

But did you laminate it? lol

This was a good show, and I was in live!!! Yaaaay!!!

A good rant at the beginning makes the rest of the show even better :)

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Soooo much better when you are there live man....Adds to our experience ;)