6 Months Old and Still Growing -- Celebrating the Halfversary of CTP Blueprint!


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Six months ago, Eliana became a program owner for the first time when she launched the CTP Blueprint.

You want to check this out if you're a member of Click Track Profit even if you've been there for a long time but especially if you're new.
Eliana's blueprint is a focused guide to all the lessons. A blueprint for learning how to build your business.

Looking forward to the next 6 months!


Thank you so so much for your input, Lisa!
Really glad that CTP BP helped you somehow 😊

Nice video Lisa, and CTP Blueprint is amazing, keep up your good work and have an awesome weekend.

Thanks, Erik! First time using Screencastomatic. I've always wanted to learn to do that. Guess it worked! Have a great day! 😀

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Yep you where great, and you got a new skill, ask Jon for a badge of screencasting.

You're welcome, Eliana! Super Awesome!

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