My 1440 Interview with David Hurley

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This interview with David Hurley also known as @hirohurl on the blockchain was recorded on Tuesday 3/30/2021

David is happily married and the father of one college age daughter.
He grew up in many different places around the world including the United Kingdom. He now resides in Hiroshima Japan.

David is the co author with Alex Nordach of, A Thousand A Month, How to Make $1000 a Month with no List, No Paid Traffic, and No Physical Product. The 4th edition was just released a short time ago.

When he is not working on his online projects, David is very busy with his offline profession as a contract professor in two different universities in Hiroshima, Japan.

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Thank you for setting up the interview, Lisa.

Good Morning or Evening as the case may be David! You're very welcome! I enjoyed getting to talk to you one on one and learn more about you, your business and your offline life! Happy Thursday! 😀

Made in Canva


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