I am selling DOMAINS for HIVE

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Hello folks! As you can see from the title of the post - I sell domains!

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Some of them are PREMIUM! Here is the list:

The register is GoDaddy. I accept payment with HIVE tokens.

I will also be happy if you give me feedback on them.

If you are interested in buying some of them, leave a comment and we will discuss the price :)

Happy Saturday 🍺 Cheers!


Hive is a decentralized platform and your selling centralized domains.. why not sell domains based on decentralization such as Unstoppable Domains?

Not only are these domains cheap and decentralized, but they can hold almost all the crypto currency wallets. In holding these wallets within the domain, (domainname.crypto) one can just input the DOTcrypto domain from any other wallet or exchange and recieve their $. A much better option rather than those long addresses that can get mixed up, and inevitably sending $ to the wrong address.

One can also build their website just like any other. This also is a web3 feature. The decentralized web at the finger tips.

The above link is a affiliate, You lose nothing in using it but if you choose not to just remove the (r/#) from the url.

Cheers mate. Good luck selling decentralized domains and making more than what you do with GoDaddy.

Also one more thing.

Its a one time payment for life. starting at $40USD. Premium domains are being auctioned out but you can definitely sell them through the affiliate program.

It is awesome to see someone accepting Hive directly as a payment for something. Hopefully more people will follow your example.

Yay! 🤗
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How much are you selling them for? And how long is subscription?

@aiovo It really depends on which one you are asking. Some of them are with 2 years subscription, the other have 1 year. If you are familiar with the domaining you probably know where you can check this info :) and also you’ll probably know that everything is about how much the “client” is willing to offer.