Talk is cheap

in The CTP Swarm16 days ago (edited)

I'm probably going to offend people with this post.

That isn't unusual. I've been calling spades shovels for as long as I've been in affiliate marketing and I've alienated a few people along the way.

There's a couple of things that I need to make clear from the get go before I get this off my chest.

1/I love the concept of Hive. The closet revolutionary in me loves the idea of empowering the masses and something like Hive could do it, provided that the community is real and that the people using the platform operate in the spirit that it seems to be intended.

2/ Although I'm very quiet within CTP and aren't actively promoting it due to other priorities, I'm hugely appreciative of the efforts that Jon and Blain make to involve everybody in a community.

3/ I no longer regard myself as an affiliate marketer but have a huge regard for many of you, some of whom I feel like I've known for years.

OK, with all that said, I'm a little annoyed at the moment.

Covid has been hard on us all. Many of us have lost "day jobs" or had income slashed. Many have been placed in positions that we'd never have dreamed of being in.

There are plenty of platitudes floating around online. "Be safe." "Take care" and the world champion "we're all in this together." Talk is cheap. It means nothing unless we're really prepared to look after our own.

A couple of days I noticed a familiar face had posted a fundraiser to Facebook (OK, so it's not the best platform and its filters may have prevented you from seeing it but I noticed and I have very little connection with this person). Other than I know she has been in the affiliate marketing business for a long time and that she operates with integrity and honor.

I checked out the fundraiser and found that this person is in a terrible state. There is every chance that she will be evicted within the next thirty days.

The fundraiser had been shared with 1000 people. I suspect that many of them are in the CTP community.

If everyone did their little bit and donated just $3 she would in all likelihood be OK.

I know things are hard and I know that every man and his dog seems to have their hand out at the moment...but communities are meant to stick together.

Three lousy bucks.

The fundraiser started at least a week ago and right now a whole three people have donated.


Talk is cheap. You probably know her better than I do.

Community is about giving.

Over to you.


You didn't offend me, in fact, I appreciate your share because I would miss it!
This is actually, unfortunately, not the first time she asks for help and the first time I couldn't help but at least I shared with others.
I'm waiting for my government's help to pay my bills as I'm unemployed due to covid but I will donate what I can as soon as I get the money.
I will reblog it to spread awareness :)
Thank you again!

Thank you. As I said, COVID has made things hard for all of us and we're all doing it hard one way or another. I hope you find some employment soon.

Just learned about this man, thanks for sharing it. I'll go support :)

Too bad it didn't accept crypto.

Thanks Jon
Too bad indeed

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