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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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I had actually gone through this. What I did was to start with explaining how a centralized bank has a lot of issues with security. Then I explained that countries often abuse their economy by printing too much money. Enter the BlockChain and decentralized security, and I explain it like a bicycle chain. Then I go into how with bitcoin there will ever only be 21 million, and how other coins represent projects, and communities on the blockchain. Then I introduced her to Coinbase and guided her through the tutorials, and as she earned and saw them gain in value she was hooked then I introduced her to Torum and a Bitcoin faucet. She is not quite ready for CTP or Hive yet but she will come around. The important thing is to not push be friendly and have fun with it. This is a much larger subject than can be written in a comment. Let me know if you need any other help 😀


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I really like how you did it. Step by step, keeping it simple and then building on that. That's what I need to do. I was thinking to start with hive but then I realise that the platform only seems easy to use but actually it's far from that. You need to know so many things first. I believe it's better to first link crypto to fiat through an exchange like Coinbase. Like that the person knows "ah I can actually transform this into 'real' money". Then you can go deeper :-).

Thanks a lot for your comment!