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RE: CTPSB goes DeFi

in The CTP Swarm3 months ago

Great update Achim! 20% APR is very good so well worth delegating to! Lots of things to look forward to with all these projects coming together!

Is there an account to delegate to for the LIOTUS project as well? I bought some miners so getting a little bit of LEN. I still need to read up on that project myself. My goodness, there's so many awesome projects going on at the moment!

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Thanks a lot for your feed-back! Appreciate it :-).

For the Liotes project we are building a voting account (@liotes.voter). At the moment we are working on its income structure so that it could pay out dividends in the form of LEN tokens in the long run. We are not totally ready yet :-).

Woah that's good to know.
Are you planning to vote only delegators?

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It will be a kind of project where members of the Liotes community will be supported. We haven't figured everything out yet :-)

Oh okay . Let me know if I can help in anyway :) I would be pleased to.

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Thanks a lot for the proposition. I will gladly keep that in mind ;-)

Ok sweet, I'll delegate to that liotus.voter account once you are all ready for it!

That would be fantastic!