How to buy Coffee & Cake with Hive

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Welcome to The Crypto Coffee & Cake Challenge!

This blog post is going to provide you with everything you need to Win & Succeed with this Challenge!

Here are the rules,

  1. Treat yourself to some Coffee & Cake or treat someone else and pay for it using Hive or CTP Tokens.
  2. It does not matter who the vendor is as long as they are a retail outlet and they serve you Coffee & Cake and you can confirm the transaction with a screenshot.
  3. Social Proof, Make a blog post with pictures and write about your experience of how you were able to buy Coffee & Cake using Hive include this tag #hivecoffeencake
  4. Post a link to your blog post below.
  5. Challenge a friend or multiple friends and mention (tag) them in the comments.
  6. Enter as many times as you like.
  7. You can Challenge yourself.
  8. You can Challenge the vendor to Challenge their customers.

This seems like a really simple and fun challenge don't you think?

Are you up for it...?

If so... read on to find out how to complete the Challenge even if you don't know how to start.


The toughest part of this Challenge is finding a vendor who has already been introduced to Hive, understands it and has thier account set up and ready to receive crypto transactions.

If your favourite Coffee Shop is not yet accepting Hive? This is where you have the opportunity to explain all the Key features and benefits of Hive to the vendor, not sure what to say or how to begin talking about it? 👉 Learn How to Earn Hive, Get Paid & Get Your Coffee & Cake for Free!


Benefits of doing the Challenge...
You could enjoy some really great Coffee & Cake and have the pleasure of being able to pay using Hive all while having fun and contributing to the Hive eco system.

The vendor also benefits not just from receiving Hive but it could also work as a great advert and conversation starter for the vendor to achieve a higher sales volume with brand awareness and provide one more unique experience and good reason to keep thier customers coming back, again and again.

Complete the Challenge and get your blog post *Featured on the Crypto Gems Blog

Sign up for more information on how to present Hive to retail outlet vendors.

👉 Learn How to Earn Hive, Get Paid & Get Your Coffee & Cake for Free!


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I might look to see where I could buy coffee online, then brew at home and share with a friend.

When I open my own shop in few years from now, I'll accept crypto payments, but only those that are faster than 5min.


Lightning speed transactions are important for a fast paced retail environment. 😀 An alternative is to pre pay in advance... wishing you massive success when you open your shop!👍 Hive transfers are pretty quick, I've never calculated the time it takes to transfer Hive but I know it's pretty quick.

Maybe that would be a normal in 2-5 years and the processes will be easier for non-tech savvy people too :D

I'm not sure if it will become normal but at least with this type of Challenge we can introduce people to a new way of paying for goods and services with a Hive account.

A scrumptious challenge, Paul! lol @paulnulty

I hope that people participate!

Keep up the inspiring work, Lee :)

Yes, I hope everyone participates even those who don't like coffee and cake can buy for a friend or partner.

The hardest part would be getting local cafes to use Hive!

Good luck with that! ;)

Nice Challenge @paulnulty

Very interesting challenge 🤔🤔🤔 I would love the local 7-11 store to have this feature. Right now we have the Cliqq rewards wherein points are earned for every purchase. When enough points have been accumulated, we could sometimes purchase with points.😊😊

@iamraincrystal tell your local 7-11 about the Coffee & Cake Challenge and tell them why Crypto is better than FIAT. You have nothing to lose... 😀👍

Sounds like a great challenge if you have enough hive to start with.

Hive can be easily earned or purchased. It's not going to break the bank to have some Hive sitting in your wallet to pay for Coffee & Cake. 😀

Interesting concept. I think the directory idea is a good one. Some people that might not feel comfortable approaching a vendor about accepting Hive as a payment source might like the ability to know of vendors that already accept Hive to be able to utilize that option.

@familyhistory for sure, there is so many great advantages for Business Owners... Every Hive user is a part owner of the Hive Blockchain. If it is explained well enough they might even thank you for introducing them to Hive and give you Coffee & Cake for Free! 😀

That would be some challenge for sure.

Good challenge I wonder where I would be able to buy coffee or cake with hive or ctp tokens

@howfy2 ask your local Coffee Shop if they would like to participate in the Coffee & Cake Challenge? If they agree help them out with onboarding if you want to charge a set up fee for that you could or else just do it for free? Once they have their account set up they can begin accepting Hive or CTP Tokens. Simples... 😀

I like this challenge. Sounds like a great opportunity to spread the word about hive and ctp talk!

@slackerman oh yes.... The opportunities are endless.

This is an interesting challenge and a great post, Paul! I have to read the post that goes along with this one.

@lisamgentile1961 I'm not sure I understand what you mean about a post that goes along with this one? If you need more information or ideas about the Challenge I have provided a link to my subscriber newsletter in the post, I'll be sharing some creative ways on how to enter the Challenge and Succeed, I'll also be sharing my own results in a video... But for now, anyone has the Chance to be the first one to buy Coffee & Cake using Hive or CTP Tokens. 😉

This is a really cool idea, I think here the hardest thing will be to find vendors that take crypto, but I will check into it and see.

@maddogmike Most Business Owners are open to testing out creative ways to build their business and brand. If you can explain the benefits and the technology and offer to help and show how it works, you may find they are open to it... 😀

I hope I can find a place to use Hive to enter the challenge. Great idea.

Nice challenge!

The website that you are promoting is giving this message:

Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

Maybe you should fix that (if it's your site)... ;)

Yes, I noticed that, I was just thinking the same, the url needs upgraded with ssl that's all. I will fix it. 😀👍 Thanks @ph1102

Good luck with this initiative @paulnulty! Once there are a bunch of cafes and other outlets that accept Hive, it would be a good idea to post an online directory.

A directory would be great or just use the tag #hivecoffeencake

This is a really interesting challenge & I do like coffee & cake he he. You should also check out @sergiomendes' #hiveisrealmoney challenge if you haven't already. You could enter in that if you have already done this type of transaction.

Best of luck to you! It will be interesting to see if people awaken more vendors to the amazing world of Hive! :)

Thanks @pixiepost I'll take a look. 👍

Great challenge, and a challenge it is.

here in the USA this may happen in 3-5 years

@bonnie30 why do you think it will take so long?

Cause here in the US people don't like change...and everything is about the holy dollar

@Bonnie I think that's a common theme among all humans on the planet not just the US. Most get used to the same old routine. However, Business owners tend to be on the sharper side of the stick and are usually the first to implement or try new innovative tech. I met a Cafe owner in 2012 who was accepting Bitcoin and even appeared on local TV News, it was a great talking point and good publicity for his Cafe. Granted it was in Scotland not the US but I really don't think location has anything to do with it.