Week-end Weekly Digest 25th July 2020

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Week in Review & What's Up Next on Hive?


Oh my what a week!

So, this is my first post of my brand new weekly digest here on Hive, this week in review with the idea to highlight events, campaigns and our online communities etc, etc.

Here are just a few of the main highlights!

I recently created and launched a (free) 7 Day fast start video coaching series to help you claim your digital assets and I've posted each part of the daily coaching on my hive blog.

The Click Track Profit Fireball Challenge Claim Your Digital Assets Fast Start Coaching Series. (See links below).


Claim your Digital Assets Fireball Challenge

Unlock the Vault Claim your Digital Assets and Gold

Below are the links from day 1 to day 7, part 1 to part 7.

Don't try to rush this it's not a race

You can achieve a lot in one day if you just focus on the journey without trying to rush through everything as fast as possible...

Go Easy... Enjoy the Journey (1 Day at a time).

Part 1 - 3 Steps to Success

Part 2 The Power of Sharing

Part 3 Discover your Passion & Build your email list

Part 4 What would you do with an extra 5k pm?

Part 5 Explore Communities and share a video

Part 6 Explore Live Coaching Events

Part 7 A Plan for Success

Once you have completed this 7 day online coaching series and if you found value let me know how it went for you and I'll send you some bonus content to help you progress further.

Get in touch if you need help or have questions?

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5 Blogging Tips for beginners and experienced bloggers

I also wrote about blogging and shared 5 tips for beginners and experienced bloggers. Check out the link.


5 Blogging Tips for beginners and experienced bloggers

Love The Clouds Contest

kilbirnieloch4508799_1280 1.jpg

The photo in today's header was also my entry for Love The Clouds Contest 1st Entry 22nd July 2020 hosted by @tobetada

Your Chance to Win a Steem Silver Round


@article61 Launched a fundraiser and is offering up a rare 2018 Steem Silver Round 1oz Collectable. The fundraiser raffle is to support the @familyprotection community and you can learn more about this and enter the raffle here: https://peakd.com/familyprotection/@article61/come-on-folks-just-2-sbd-for-a-chance-to-win-2018-1oz-steem-silver-round

More Highlights

Win Hive and DIY Token | DIY Hub Giveaway

LIST Tokens Marked Down, Great Time to Join The Staking Club!

Herbalife Summer Spectacular Online Event Aug 21-23

Why wait until tomorrow when you can start today?

Leaf ART Picture

The Best of Natural Medicine Curation #95 - Spirit Guides, Ancient Songs, The power of Unity and much, much more!

Automotive Art, In Motion.

What's up next on Hive?


  • Weight loss Challenge starts Monday 27th July (Free Entry) with a chance to Win!

Win - High Quality Health and Lifestyle Products...

Sign up for more info, get in the best shape of your life and be in with a chance to win some really cool prizes!

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To Your Amazing Success, Good Health and Great Lifestyle!


Azenza Health & Lifestyle

Click Track Profit

Herbalife Nutrition

Easy Profit Systems

Fitcamp24 Online Fitness Community

Utopian Global

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