All-IN HIVE-PUD-INTL Participation Post

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The time has come! My second and last participation (I'm over 8K HP) in the #HIVE-PUD-INTL is here... I have worked hard during the month and collected a nice amount of Hive tokens and decided to go ALL-IN HivePower today!

This was my Balance and Hive Power BEFORE the #HIVE-PUD-INTL:

The decision was made... we are going all in!


And voila... Now, let's keep upvoting great posts with this HivePower!

My this month's powerup was from 7389 HP to 9570 HP! Last time I've got the Dolphin level, but Orca will wait a bit more... :)

So, what is #HIVE-PUD?

Just a short introduction to Hive-PUD... What does it mean at all? #HIVE-PUD is shortened for the Hive Power Up Day. It's an event when Hive members powerup their liquid HIVE and stop any active PowerDown! It is organized by a great fellow Hivian @streetstyle and it is held every 1st day in a month.

You can check all the details about the #HIVE-PUD-INTL at the official post that you can find it here:

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excellent move. I do not think you will be sorry for doing this :)

Thanks, Robert! As they use to say... "time will tell" 🙂

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Damn, that's another impressive power up (I remember last month's power up being big as well) 🐝

Thanks, @jeanlucsr.. You remember well... it was similar to this one... As I will not be eligible for the next H-PUD, I will do my power-ups more often, in small chunks... :)

Thanks for taking the time and commenting... ;)

My pleasure! Like I said, it's impressive and actually pretty inspiring.
Totally understand that you might not wait for the 1st of the month, but I am looking for a creative way to keep the 8000+ HP group involved. If there is any interest of course.

I will try to stay active and promote the event as I find it important and amusing...

But, you are right about 8k+ HP group, maybe some kind of "badge" if they participate (in cooperation with hivebuzz)?

Yes. We'll see what happens in the meantime. Maybe there will be badges next Hive-pud 😊

Super Hive Power Up Moves @ph1102 Thanks for participating and supporting #hive-pud #hive-pud-intl Take care.

Thanks, @streetstyle! I have to leave with a BANG! 🤣🤣

very nice... I hope it continues!!!

well... accumulating of tokens on my side will continue... that's for sure... 🤣

Impressive increase! Congrats.

Thanks, Achim! Closing to that 10k slowly.. :)


well played!

Thanks, Andrew... I have a lot of optimism regarding Hive and cryptocurrencies in general... so investing more in them is just a natural thing to me... 🙂

Thanks for your comment!

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