Whale Upvotes Are Great, But...

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I've got an idea for creating this post from the awesome vlog created by @achim03 where he was talking about the importance of engagement on the platform, commenting on other's posts, and reaching to new people...

It always a great thing to receive a nice, fat upvote from a whale account... I can't lie to you that I don't like that... But, those things come occasionally, and they are just a short-term uplift... It's a nice uplift, but a short one... Like, when you join the blockchain, create an introduction post, and everyone upvotes you... You are thrilled by the support.. but, after 2-3 posts, you have 0 comments and 0 upvotes...

Achim was also talking about upvoting other's posts... And I believe that that's the right way to go here... It's a different approach from upvoting others with big, fat upvotes, but it's investing in people... and investing in people is always the best way to go...

I have a nice chunk of staked CTP tokens, which are the main currency on the CTPTalk.com website, and, as my stake, there is a significantly bigger than my HIVE stake, I'm using it for curating awesome posts on the platform and upvoting people who are engaging with me...

Those people aren't big whales, they are minnows on the platform, with huge motivation and will to succeed... And they need your attention, your comment, your upvote...

Some of them are probably future whales, so watch out how do you behave... Supporting small authors today is your long-term investment for the future...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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I think the new mission for CTP....Get everyone to dolphin level this year!

I'm going to bug people to reach it lol

Yaaaay... I'm bug-free! Maybe orca next year? :)

man it can happen...I wasnt even CLOSE to 50k this time last year

I sign up to that ;-).

I started taking that approach with my account. I started with my main account and then started branching out into HIVE, LEO, STEM, and sports. I try to comment as much as possible on my opinion of the content. Unfortunately, I have a lot of obligations outside of HIVE and can't comment on everything.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. It is one I definitely agree with. Does CTP have a discord?

Thank you for your comment! The same goes here... I have more accounts, but it's difficult to maintain one!

CTP has Discord.. Check it out here: https://discord.gg/ST8kA7X

I started using HIVE SQL to track multiple accounts simultaneously. I’m still learning the data tables. My hope is to track and trend my own performance across multiple accounts at the touch of a button.

I agree 100 percent

Thank you, sir! It's an awesome thing when we are sync thinking... :)

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This is a great post, Zoltan! We need to celebrate all the support we get from everyone. I sure do! :-)

Thank you, Lisa, for your kind words! Yes, we do... The most supportive tribe on the chain... 100%...

Thank you for the mention! It's totally true what you are saying. We often believe that we are the last ones jumping on this blockchain but actually it is a very young one and we might be dolphins or orcas within the year (wishfull thinking ;-)). When I see the potential of Hive, I believe that we are among the pioneers and it is something that might develop considerably. With this in mind, the minnows of today can be the dolphins of tomorrow.

I had another great experience today. I commented a post of a fresh ctp user and tried to explain him the difference between Hive, HBD, Hive Power,... He looked me up, went on my website and started to use my downline builder ;-). When we open the doors to others we might get surprised at what we get...

Hive (and the old chain) are 3-4 years old social network, but this is still the beginning... We can't be compared with FB, Instagram, TikTok, as whole mainstream media is against the crypto in general... That's why we need more time to push through... And I agree with you.. we are pioneers...

I like your experience... people react positively when someone helps them... it's normal...

I totally agree!

Thanks for your comment! Your little experiment will be the great example for everyone... ;)

The major drawback I believe Hive or Steem will never get big traction and only remain a small niche tribe. Never forget the reward you get is simply inflation and false illusion of grow.

Bitcoin also has inflation, and 99% of the other coins have inflation... That is not a valid reason as there are a lot of others that can come on board and hoard all those "inflationary coins", as it's happening with Bitcoin...

But, you can be right about niche tribe... Some people really want to keep it like that (like the selfie drama... lol), but we will see...

We can just speculate... ;)

Your wrong, Bitcoin is a deflation coin. ;)

Please explain to me the difference, except that one is mined by POW and the other one by POS (DPOS to be more exact)?

You get every day new coins for both of them...

It will become harder in the case of bitcoin and the number is limited to 2100000. In the case of Hive, the inflation is unlimited in time despite the inflation decrease every 250000 blocks.

You're right Whale votes are nice but they last just a short time; I have found that out myself first hand. I was getting auto vote from a whale for a good 2 months straight. But he decided to give it to someone else which I totally respect. Nice while it lasted

Exactly... I would rather have a couple of "Orca-friends" than 1 whale friend :)

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I agree with you, showing up everyday and posting plus commenting is where the long term is. It's like the old saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" you don't want to rely on whale votes you want to stay steady and consistent for the long hall.

Exactly... The same thing as any other in life... Don't depend on your boss, don't depend on Paypal (aka Jon... :) ), don't invest in only one cryptocurrency...

I'm here for the long term. Don't know who will be the whales in the next one or two years. It is better to engage more with others and build a good relationship with everyone! :)

That sounds like a great strategy... :) You never know who can be the next gem... :)