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When we learn some skills, or we work on ourselves in general, we can do it by leading some good examples... Those are usually some of our role-models, or maybe leaders... That doesn't mean that we have to copy their attitude or follow exactly the same steps as they are doing... That would mean that we observe some good characteristics and try to work on ourselves to reach them in our specific way...

On the other side, it is possible to learn by bad examples... We all know that we learn the best from our OWN mistakes, but, if there is a way that we learn from other's mistakes, that's even better... There is a catch in everything, and in this also, and that's our human nature... I'm the first who will easier spot some bad thing in others than in myself... Oh, I do make mistakes, and I do them maybe too often... But, it's always easier to spot and criticize other's mistakes and bad behavior...

But, that's not that bad if we LEARN something from it... If we acknowledge that, maybe realize that we are doing sometimes the same, and then CHANGE ourselves... Then it's a different story... We have learned by a bad example...

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Adapting to environment and constantly evaluating the goal will help in taking better decision.

Indeed... I only have a problem with feeling guilty about taking bad examples... and maybe criticizing others... which can be annoying to others, but I try to change that...


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