How to Join Curation Trail .:. Why Curation Trail? - Part #3

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I'm doing things a bit upside-down, but it's never too late for tutorial and HowTo videos... There is probably a tutorial about curation trails somewhere, but I have decided to create another one... Just in case... :)

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has joined the trail! There are 30 people on the trail at the moment, after only 2 weeks, which is just awesome! The results are already visible as many of the great content creators are getting more upvotes and more value in CTP tokens... Also, if you check your wallets, you will notice that you receive every day a steady amount of curation rewards in CTP tokens! If you want to get more, don't forget to stake them!

Also, if you take a look at the trending page on the CTPTalk, you will probably notice a difference between now, and before... A lot more quality content from different authors is listed... Check them out, they aren't there my mistake... That was one of the ideas before starting the trail, and of course, rewarding people who are investing a lot of effort in the creation of those posts! The CTP token reward ratio (60:40, authors vs curators) is like that exactly because of that... To reward action takers and people who share their experience and knowledge...

If you are not on the trail, but you would like to join, check out the video for the step by step instructions on how to do it...

PS. I was using my old account in the video as an example, but it looks that that account was already authorized for upvoting, so you will maybe need to do 1 step more than isn't showed in the video... You will have to do similar steps as you saw in the video from the 00:34 min to 01:44 (and you will maybe have to use the ACTIVE key, instead of the posting key)...

So, in short lines:

How can you follow the CTP Curation Trail?

Logging into the website, clicking on the CURATION TRAIL menu on the left sidebar, and searching for a trail named "ph1102.ctptrail" (without @) (or click here, and follow it...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Great tutorial, it is a good addition to @bradleyarrow's old tutorial post, as here we see you doing it live on camera.
Congrats on being featured by @russellstockley.

Thanks, Asle... As I said, there are many tutorials out there, and Bradley did a great job, but people are still asking the same question...

So, it is a good idea re-do these tutorials and put in front of the people... ;)

Nice tutorial, Zoltan! Thank you for all the work you do here in the community! It would be nice if we could use the keychain to sign in but we have what we have.

Thanks, Lisa!

Yeah, the Keychain is like a million times better solution, but that's on developers... I know that Hivesigner has no sense, but luckily, when you set this up, you don't have to come in every day... :)

Support for this curation trail. Thanks for coming up with this great idea, Z!

Thank you, Rosyel! Your support means a lot to me! And it means a lot to other creators on the CTPTalk as you are upvoting them! :)

Nice it will encourage the people...
Thanks for sharing....

Yes, it will... Encourage people to use their staked tokens more for curation and rewarding others!

Great job Zoltan! Very nice tutorial

Thank you, Achim! I have missed that second Hivesigner logging, but I hope that people will learn from the first one... lol...

And I hope that developers of the HiveSigner will think about the login/import system and find an easier solution...

Thanks for the Tutorial - This will certaialy go a long way to helping people understand and curation trails

seeing 29 people in the trail already is a great bonus, well done

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Yes, it is a great bonus... And I was following upvotes developing on your wheels :) I think that more CTP tokens are active after starting the curation trail, which was the point!

Fantastic job 👍😎


Thank you for making this. Better late then never.

Thanks for the support, Charletta!

This is a great tutorial. Bradley laid everything out with images but this video is much better for people to learn from.

I knew that there are a lot of tutorials out there, but there is always a place for another... We have to keep these HowTo and tutorials things always visible and on 1 click :)

Yes, I agree we need these tutorials and they need to be easy to find. Maybe cross post this to the Hive Affiliates community page so it can be found easier.

That's a good idea! I will do that!

Awesome tutorial video, Zoltan! It is good to see the steps needed to be done on the trail. :)

It is definitely growing & from the looks of things, it will continue to grow! Your hard work is appreciated greatly as well as the rewards you are creating for all of us as well. 💜

Thank you for your kind words, Jenn! I'm satisfied with the current results of the curation trail... and I think that we have more happy faces between hard-working creators here on the CTPTalk!

Have an awesome week!

Great tutorial Zoltan looks a bit complicated lol have an amazing day good job bro

It just looks like that on first sight... Actually it is easy, and it can be beneficial for your curation rewards (rewards that you get from upvoting others)...

Thanks for the comment!

Great post and great job with the curation trail as well. Joined it right after it was set up.

Thank you for your support and confidence! Truly appreciate your following and I hope it will be beneficial for you, as a curator, and all other creators!

Hi Zoltan
You are doing great work with the curation trail and now this tutorial is so nice. Thanks for sharing this and this should reach more people. I reblogged it.

Thanks, Alok! For support and reblog! Appreciate it!

Nice. Is this trail is dedicated to CTP token and tribe?

Yes, it is! It upvotes ONLY CTPTalk posts (posts that use "ctp" tag)... But, when it grows more, it will make some nice Hive upvotes also (besides CTP tokens upvotes that it makes already)... ;)

And that doesn't mean that upvotes only "members" of the CTP tribe... The quality is in the first place!

Great video tuttorial learned new things 😀

Good to hear that people learn something from it!

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