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Starting a business, online or offline, always take a lot of preparation work and one of the main things is exploring and researching your rivals in the niche that you want to master...

One of the most popular acronyms today, especially in the crypto world, is DYOR, or Do Your Own Research which is that preparation work that you have to do... You have to find what are do you want to cover, CAN you do it what others are doing, and the most important of all, what will make you different compared to others... You have to stick out with something, and you have to FIND that thing, as it will be your signature whenever you go...

When you start your business, you have to watch out, to leave back "over-comparing" yourself with others, or to be more precise, trying to accomplish what others are doing... I've got caught in that trap when I had my computer shop, and I was always trying to offer the best price for my customers... And by doing that, I had less money in my pocket... lol... which says a lot that I'm a lazy seller... lol...

But, in the end, I've acknowledged that I didn't sell a lot of computers and hardware because I was the cheapest, but because my clients loved to come to my shop, to have a drink and to have a conversation about their REAL needs and not about some ripoff offers that they don't need...

That was my "something" that made me money in my business venture, and not catching the prices and trying to be like someone else...

So, be yourself and mind your own business...

Check out the video for a longer version of the story with a comparison between STEEM and HIVE.

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Thanks for the support! I appreciate it!

LOVE this video and I agree. Focusing on our own paths is the best way to go. When we worry about "keeping up" with others or trying to "one up" everyone, we lose sight on what's important. When we focus on our own path, we can grow and thrive so much easier.

And I think the dogs were agreeing with you - man, they a rowdy bunch!🤣🤣

Exactly... Focus on "developing your OWN path" and not in "beating the other's path"... It is "easier" (I will quote this as it isn't easy) to change yourself and thrive, than trying to change someone else or to be like someone else...

And dogs were behind the gate this time, so no worries... After that dog-bitting, I'm wearing steel socks... lol... 🤣

I believe it's always good to look what my competition is doing but I realized than not everything they are doing applies to my business. I think the best way is to learn from others but to develop your own unique selling point. This is what makes you stand out from your competition.

As I said a lot of times... People like the "personal touch" and that's exactly what you said with:

I think the best way is to learn from others but to develop your own unique selling point.

... and we are back to Build Your Brand thing... :)