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As always, I like to do my introduction paragraph with a kind of "thank you notes", for a people that have inspired me to create the video... This time it was @benthomaswwd, with his awesome post about pushing yourself to get better, @jongolson's reply on one of my comments, and the whole #HiveChat from yesterday where Hivians were discussing a lot of things on Twitter... Btw, don't miss the next #HiveChat on Tuesday, because it will be hosted by our @pixiepost!

In today's video, I wanted to touch a bit of "easier" topics in a mini-rant about certain things that I have noticed in my all-day living on the Hive and CTPTalk (yes, I have no life... thank you... :) )...

I have noticed that some people still have some weird mentality looking at people in the community like robots, sheep, or I don't know how to call ourselves... And the point was that the attitude is like we are all just waiting that we got hit every day with numerous products that we should buy/invest as if we don't do it, the end of the world will happen tomorrow...

I suck as an affiliate marketer, but I can tell you my opinion from the other perspective... From the "buyer" perspective...

I really don't want to read every day your same pitch that you try to sell... Don't get me wrong, it is OK to see that occasionally, but please, it is possible to create a blog post WITHOUT a pitch... We deserve that :)

The other topic was about footers, or signatures here on the platform... Check out this rant in the video... :)

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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Oh, man, I could go on & on about how much I agree with you on this lol. But I will refrain.... :)

Ben's post was spot on about "fake" marketers out there. Now, I am no expert either, but in the years I have dabbled in it, I have come to rely on my intuition when someone is being authentic & when they are not. When someone posts VALUABLE content & is being true to who they are, this appeals to me so much more than someone who's in it just for the money.

Now, we all want to make money & there's nothing wrong with that. However, there's a proper way of doing so & when you show your personal side to your audience, it makes you so much more relatable & people tend to gravitate towards that. Receiving a spam link or being solicited endlessly in every post just turns me off & actually is super irritating. I am not sure how those type of people think that is going to get them new customers or referrals. It boggles the mind.

Thank you for making this video and a big shout out to @benthomaswwd for bringing attention to this issue. This definitely needs to be highlighted more. Your great content is appreciated as always :) ❤️

You are right about recognizing the "fake" marketers... Actually, it's not so hard to do that, but as you said, you get better in doing that from earlier experiences...

And I remember that you have said that you are getting private messages almost daily with "offers" from people that aren't there for ages.. and the first thing is to pitch you with something... That's just crazy...

And there are a bunch of lessons, live webinars that @jongolson is doing, and maybe people watch them, but still doing the same thing that is doing for ages... and they fail... You have eyes, but you don't see...

Anyways, as I said, I'm not an expert, but I can say my opinion from the client's view... if it helps, OK... if not, that also OK... :)

Thanks for the comment and support!

Great post Zoltan, thank you for the mention, i think sometimes it is easy to get carried away and get lost along the way, people posting as much as possible about our business instead of thinking about the need of the content. This is what makes community important because we all have much to learn from each other. Have the best day my friend.

I can't agree more about this... We are different, and we all have different stories, experiences... That's why I said at the beginning... I'm not looking through eyes of marketers, so, it can be useful for others to see "the other side"...

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your time!

Great video Zoltan. I watched it on Lbry this morning and I was looking around on Hive to give a comment but I couldn't find it :-).

I agree with you about the promotion stuff. Whether it's a pitch within the video or affiliate offers in the signature, I believe it's a mistake to put them there. Because as you say, it devaluates your content.

A better way of doing it (according to me :-) )

Create a landing page with all the programs that you promote. Present a bit more than the banner. Show why a programm is so great and how you use it. It can be a kind of list. I have been doing that for Bitcoin faucets

It's possible to do the same with your opt-in page.

Instead of putting 10 banners, I put one catchy link that brings the people to the page where I have all my links or my opt-in page.

Like that you have a one sentence footer and you have definitely better success with it than with putting all the banners at the end of the post.

Sorry man this got terribly long. I should probably write a post about it:-)

Because as you say, it devaluates your content.

Actually, I didn't say that, but I meant... lol... Thanks for saying my thoughts... :)

And yes... 10 banners, no focus, no clicks... Keep it simple, clean, and people will actually SEE IT... From the banner jungle, you can't see anything... lol

Sorry man this got terribly long. I should probably write a post about it:-)

hahaha.. no problem at all... and you should do a post... You have so much to say... :)

benthomaswwd post is great.

I suck as an affiliate marketer,

I am stuck to start as one.

hehehe... There are a couple of good ones here... Follow them and learn :) ... I'm just here to observe... lol... :)

I agree 100% and admit I have also been guilty of using several links to websites and opportunities, all high value I must add... but you are right from the viewers perspective too many links in the footer can be off putting. Nice of you too highlight this. 😀👍 I recently started to notice this with others too and decided to clean up the look of my signature and footer.

Well, don't get me too much accountable... That was just my personal view, but if you get the similar view, than it means that we are on the same lead... :)

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!

The beginning it's the best ever!😂😂😂
You don't suck man, you rules!!😉💪
You're in good company btw...🤣🤣🤣
We are all learning and grow up!
We have just to learn from our mistakes!
Agree with you about pitch.. sometimes is ok but not always...
Also about to do few things in a great way than 100 bad... But sometimes I do that too...😄

You have dropped there some great wisdom... :)

Also about to do few things in a great way than 100 bad...

This reminded me of one saying...

It's better to be whole life rich than to be poor for a one day... 🤣 🤣

Actually, you could now that quote as it is from one popular comic which author is an Italian... hmmmm...

Really? Who are the comic and author?...that are almost wise like me...😎😂
Fantastic sentence!!🤣🤣🤣

I read a lot of that... not in Italian, but in the Croatian language, as it was a very popular comic in the former Yugoslavia... :)

Actually, the quote was:

"Better to live hundred years as a millionaire, than one week in poverty!" - Bob Rock

I know this comics bu name! Never read it..
Eheheheh.. excellent quote I can say!😂
Thanks for it man!😉🙌

I agree with you very much on this subject. I look at the pitchy posts on here basically the same way I do spam a lot of the time. I do put a few banners in the bottom of my posts and if you click on one of them great if not then that's okay also, I know most people wont but in my mind they are seeing it like a Coke or Pepsi logo and will remember later the branding of it. If I do a review on something I will put a link for it but most everything else I promote to my list not the open public. Great points in your video.

Thanks, Mike for your comment... I didn't mean on your post at all... :)
It was more about writing an ordinary blog post, and than BAM some pitch come from nowhere... lol...

Like @achim03 said in his comment, you (don't mean you directly... lol) have done an awesome post, and you devaluated it with some pitch at the end... There is no sense...

That's exactly what @jongolson preaching... push and pull... It's like people are scared that they will not have time to push, so they are using it EVERY time... or it's just a thought that they are wasting time if they don't SELL something... don't know...