My CTP Story - The Secret of CTP Token Value

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Maybe this title is a bit too much, but I will try to explain how did I get into the CTP and my opinion about the current value of the CTP tokens... I'm not sure if I was already talking/writing about how did I find CTP, but I will do it again... :)

Actually, I will leave it to you to watch the video this time... Without writing a long post about things that I have mentioned inside it... I will just say that I've got inspired by blog posts of @maddogmike and @russellstockley... Check them out and their latest vlogs...

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Thanks for the mention in this video, Zoltan! I remember those days in SteemSavvy when you showed up in Discord. Jon, Rich, Eric & I got you onto the voice channel in there so we got to talk to one another. That was so fun. I had a feeling you'd be there for the long haul. And here you are! ;)

You have made huge strides & it has made me happy to see you grow as much as you have. I have no doubt you will grow even more. It shows that anyone can really expand & grow in their journey if they stay consistent & work on their passion. Anything is possible. Just step out on faith & DO IT.

Here's to many more years of growth & building relationships on the #HIVE blockchain as well as our #ctptalk community. I am honored to share my journey with you! 🙌 💕

Awww.. Thank you for your kind words... I have almost forgotten about the "voice" channel that we were in... But, I do remember the ZOOM session as it was frightening for me... loool...

And, I also remember one of the ZOOMs with @nathanmars with us... I think it was just before he took his "vacation" from the old chain... And look at us today, TOGETHER again, thriving on HIVE!

To the years that come!

Omg I forgot about that. Yes that was fun when @nathanmars would join us! :) I think he will again when he has the time. That live interview I did with him yesterday was awesome.

You did great on the Zoom session we had! Just a bunch of good friends chatting .... the best :)

Great video Zoltan, and the secret is Unicorns of course, and yeah we do have a good bunch of whales at the top that won't sell, I am buying as much as I can at the moment myself regardless of price, and the usecase is a very important factor in the value too, keep up your awesome work.

#BlameUnicorns! And not #blamezoltan for everything... haha

We are blessed with such a great community... we have to grow it more and be caring about the members... All the other things (like price) will come... ;)

Yeah you build first and then get rewarded.

Great video Zoltan, thanks for the mention I am honored to have inspired you in any way. This is a very strong and growing community and I think the CTP Token is going to be huge and I will not sell cheap. Keep up the awesome work my friend.

Thank you, Mike... Like to watch your videos as I always got an ideas for my future ones... :)

Zoltan, thank you for sharing your journey with you. I'm not sure the length of time you have been in CTP matters so much as the amount of "showing up" you do everyday. You do more in the short amount of time, one year, then others who have been a member for 10 years have done. You are very well spoken and tell a good story. I look forward to more! :D

Thank you for your kind words, Janelle. I hope that I will not disappoint you in my future videos... lol...

You are a great addition to this CTP swarm! Happy to have you here!

Very well said Zoltan! It's actually pretty amazing to see that of all the tokens we had (and some still have) around, CTP is currently the most valuable chunk in my portfolio. :)

That's great to hear! Even in these exact moments when you kicked my ass in the Splinterlands... 🤣

Btw... I miss your posts, but you probably have a valid reason for not doing them...

Have an awesome weekend!

Even in these exact moments when you kicked my ass in the Splinterlands... 🤣

Yep, just trying out my new maxed Selenia Sky. It will be useful from time to time.

Btw... I miss your posts, but you probably have a valid reason for not doing them...

I'm keeping the 'social' distancing, lol!

I'm keeping the 'social' distancing, lol!

Well, I don't count that as a valid reason... lol...

Yeah, I have noticed that Selenia Sky is a must on these levels... I didn't buy it yet, but I will probably when I have more "normal" cards leveled up...

I remember SteemSavvy as there are some tutorials about steem, how it works and the basics someone needs to know as a beginner. That turned into this huge. Your decision and action have brought you to this level where you are today.

I saw someone who supported posts on CTPTalk. I also got upvote on my post. And this guy is @ph1102. Then I saw a difficult style of making videos consistently - walking, talking, recording, and sharing from the heart.

Keep up the great work, @ph1102!

hehehe... thanks for your kind words...

Yes, all that was on SteemSavvy is now in ClickTrackProfit website, and a bit more, like tips for affiliate marketers, but also for content creators... It helped me a lot with consistency, focus, picking up topics, etc...

ANd you have already met the great community, so no need for introducing this awesome people... ;)

Everyone is talking about CTP

I’ll have more time this month to learn more about CTP

When nobody was watching us, we were building and accumulating... accumulating awesome people and building community... Results are slowly coming in... ;)

Thanks for being the part of our community, Nathan!

Some inspiring information for newbies like my self. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Thank you for watching and commenting!

Inspiring and to be frank and honest I joined it following one of your posts ;) and I am pleased about my decision for being a part of an awesome community.

Wow... So glad that we have you here and even happier that one of my posts got you here!

I would say that you have made a great decision!

Thanks for taking time to watch the video and make a comment!

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