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RE: Short and Sweet - Do You Have Enough Time

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Outstanding post! I have recognized myself in everything that you have written...

One of my professors of physics I think, in high school once said:

"Time is an irreplaceable resource"

Maybe it sounds odd in English, but it was just perfect in my native language... We can't replace time, as we are doing for example with energy that can flow from one to another...

Routines and habits are good, but as you said, it can "kill" a lot of other kinds of stuff, like motivation, experimenting, joy... Again, we need some kind of balance, and to get to that, we have to be AWARE of things that we are doing...

Thanks for the post!

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Hi @ph1102 - Couldnt agree more, we require more awareness. it allows us to observe and it allows us to live the experience.
And time cannot be replaced