Don't Lower Your Guard, Even When You Are Winning

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Yes, I know... I look like sh!t in the video... I have recorded this video in the evening, and my day wasn't too perfect... lol... And you can read it from my face... lol...

I would say that our lives can be compared with the Bitcoin chart... Of course, you can compare it only if you are a positive person as the BTC chart is going up overall... :) But, I want to say that there are good days and bad days... For example, yesterday was an awesome day... I was pumped-up by seeing my friend succeeding, doing some brainstorming for future projects, everything looked so perfect...

Maybe the problem lays in the fact that when we are "winning", we feel "warm and fuzzy" in our comfort zone, we lower our guards... and we make ourselves more vulnerable... If you believe in positive things than you are also aware of negative things... as they can't live without each other... Like light and dark... like Yin and Yang...

I don't say that you don't have to celebrate and enjoy (like we have done today celebrating Jon's ORCA status on Hive :))... Keep those nice moments in your memory when bad days come to push through... ;)

That's what I'm doing right now... Riding on the wave of great emotions from yesterday, and a positive atmosphere from today, pushing through the day... Because, tomorrow is a new day... Another chance to win!

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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Hope you feel better today my friend. When I have down days I try not to give these feelings too much weight so that I can get out of there quickly. In such situations I tend to occupy my mind with books or I just watch tutorials on the internet. I know that in such a state I won't do anything productive.

I'm feeling better, thanks!
But my laptop isn't feeling better... lol... I have some HDD issues (which is the worst-case scenario), and it freezes more and more often...

The good news is that I have ordered a new one, and it should come tomorrow... So, until then, I will not be very productive... Maybe it's a good time to take a short break :)

Maybe it's a good time to take a short break

I believe that you deserve a little time out ;-). Have a nice day my friend!

Probably this is the first time I saw comparing life with the Bitcoin chart. lol... It perfectly makes sense. Yeah, there are ups and downs. Looking forward to watching your tomorrow's video, @ph1102.

Thank you for your comment... and it's always like you said... ups and downs... The biggest goal is to keep yourself as much possible in UP state... :)

Life wouldn't be as adventurous as if there wasn't the opposites..up and down..good and evil...
But is up to us to create the balance!
Tomorrow you will be back stronger than today :)
Have a good rest Zoltan, you deserve it!

Exactly... Balancing the Universe today... Fixing the corner stone for tomorrow... :)

Thanks for the comment!