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RE: My CTP Story - The Secret of CTP Token Value

in The CTP Swarm10 months ago

Awww.. Thank you for your kind words... I have almost forgotten about the "voice" channel that we were in... But, I do remember the ZOOM session as it was frightening for me... loool...

And, I also remember one of the ZOOMs with @nathanmars with us... I think it was just before he took his "vacation" from the old chain... And look at us today, TOGETHER again, thriving on HIVE!

To the years that come!


Omg I forgot about that. Yes that was fun when @nathanmars would join us! :) I think he will again when he has the time. That live interview I did with him yesterday was awesome.

You did great on the Zoom session we had! Just a bunch of good friends chatting .... the best :)